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Ephesians Prysock a big part of Arizona’s improved defense

ephesians-prysock-arizona-wildcats-football-jedd-fisch-johnny-nansen-pac-12-treydan-stukes Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

After starting only three games last season for Arizona football, sophomore cornerback Ephysians Prysock has stepped into a full-time starting role with Arizona’s defense this fall.

Not coincidentally, the defense has dramatically improved,giving up 23 points per game compared to giving up 36.5 points the year prior and has allowed 15.4 yards a game fewer through the air with only five touchdown passes yielded in six games.

Prysock has been targeted the second-most (25 targets for 13 catches) behind only Treydan Stukes (28). He has been lined up as the backside corner for most of the snaps and has allowed 20.5 yards per completion, according to Pro Football Focus, but also has three pass breakups and three forced incompletions.

“He’s in the backside of the three by one,” defensive coordinator Johnny Nansen said. “So when you face the offense, that’s usually who they’re trying to target.”

In the USC loss, Prysock allowed five receptions for 103 yards and Nansen said a lot of them were 50/50 balls.

“I thought he did a great job. looking at the ball,” Nansen said. “it’s a critical time and those are critical plays. We got to make those plays.”

Arizona has yet to win the turnover battle through six games and is still without an interception on the year.

“We just keep flying to the ball,” Prysock said. “It’s going to come at some point... I dropped two picks this season but I’m going to get right, though.”