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What Jedd Fisch said at his press conference to open Utah week

jedd-fisch-arizona-wildcats-football-pac-12-utah-noah-fifita-raymond-pulido-tetairoa-mcmillian Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona’s 4-game winning streak has caused rumors to flare up about Jedd Fisch’s future in Arizona and what his next step will be, but UA’s head coach is only worried about one thing and that’s Saturday's game against No. 16 Utah.

“This time of year, when you’re successful and your team is playing, Well that’s what happens,” Fisch said. “I think our only focus is beating Utah, this is a great team coming in.

Utah is the back-to-back Pac-12 champions and staying focused at the task in front of UA is a priority.

“We need everybody focusing on one thing and one thing only and that is Utah football and trying to have the best Arizona football program you can have to go and beat Utah football team,” Fisch said. “We are going to give them everything that we have. We’re going to empty the tank and we’re gonna need a full house to do that.”

Here’s what Fisch had to say about last week’s performance against Colorado and among other topics.

On Noah Fifita’s turning around his performance after the first half and the quarterbacks in the UA program: “I think that we had a couple of drops, then we had a couple of missed reads, I think we had a little bit of pressure. We made some bad throws, he never flinched. He’s not worried, I think that there’s times where that happens and he’s a good quarterback. We’re very lucky with two great quarterbacks in our program that have played a lot of football and we have two young quarterbacks that want to become great and work really hard at it. So, I think what Noah was able to do is what good quarterbacks do. It’s one play at a time, one play at a time.”

On Tetairoa McMillan not being named to the Biletnikoff Award Watch List and how he has played this season:“I didn’t know he didn’t. Yeah, I’m surprised I did see that. He was on a watch list the other day but I wasn’t sure about that though. I didn’t know if it was a weekly watch list or however that works. But yeah, I think he’s the best receiver in the country. So he should be on it.... Play in our offense you get a lot of production. Playing in the system you get a lot of production.”

On Tyler Loop's performance against Colorado and all year: “I thought that 52-yard was a really impressive kick. I thought the 24-yard was what he does routinely. It was snap kick or snap hold kick, everything was clean. Tyler’s done a fantastic job being our kicker. If you look at the way you kick off, he kicks off, as well as field-goal kicks. His place kicking is outstanding, his leg. He gives you everything you want. He’s the same guy every day."

On developing players in the program: "We take great pride in developing players here and making players better and every week. We don’t stop. We don’t stop doing that. We work very hard in practice. We’ve never changed our practice reps. We’ve never changed our practice habits other than trying to improve them every week. And our goal is you get stronger during the season and get better during the season. You get better fundamentally, you work on your craft.”

On taking what works for other receivers and applying that to UA’s receiver room: “We spent a lot of time studying and developing and showing these guys hey, this is a this is something Justin Jefferson did try this technique, hey this is something that Ja’Marr Chase did, hey this is something that we just saw. You know fill in the blank receiver do at the line of scrimmage, take a look at this. How do you get to the top of your route, what can you do better here and as we grow T-Mac’s been able to play inside, outside. He’s able to play all the spots. So when you can play all the spots, you wind up putting more tools in your tool belt. And I think you can see from all our players."

On Raymond Pulido playing the whole game and the future of the offensive line: “It was nice to see him go the whole game and he brought some great energy to it. there’s a toughness about him. There is a willingness to finish blocks. It’s kind of contagious with him and Wendell Moe. Those are two good aggressive guards. You look at that offensive line. Everybody’s coming back but Jordan (Morgan) so, I’m looking forward to being able to have probably one of the best offensive lines in the country in a year from now.”