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Getting to know 3-star LB signee Stacy Bey

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The 2023 Early Signing Period is finally here! The Arizona Wildcats welcomed numerous new players to the team on Wednesday.

One such player is 3-star, Southern California linebacker Stacy Bey.

His signing day profile can be found here. Read on below to learn a little more about one of the new additions to the Wildcat Football program.

AZ Desert Swarm: What is your favorite hobby?

Stacy Bey: “My favorite hobby is cooking. I love to cook for the fam. For sure salmon with rice and vegetables (is my favorite meal to cook).”

What is your favorite post-game meal?

“Man, this year In-n-Out was the one for me. A Double Double with onions, fries, and a vanilla milkshake is the must post-game meal. It doesn’t get much better than In-n-Out.”

What is your go-to pre-game hype song?

“Pre-game hype song is Run This Town by Jay-Z.”

What is the fondest memory you have of your high school career?

“My fondest memory in my high school career was my junior year. I made the separation as a player and really put myself on notice in the recruiting process. It worked out, thank God.”

What is your greatest strength on the field and what is the part of your game you’d like to work on?

“I feel my athleticism and speed at linebacker makes it hard for the guard to reach me on pulls because I’m a step ahead of them. An area I could work on in my game is using my hands more to shed blocks.”

Which 2024 class member are you closest with?

“So far Rahim Wright, Demond Williams, Audric Harris, Dylan Tapley, and Adam Mohammed. Adam does a great job on reaching out to everyone.”

What are your thoughts on Arizona’s 2023 season?

“This season was great. Shocked a lot of people on how good we were this year. Still need to finish the season off strong against Oklahoma and to send a message to the Big 12 business for years to come.”

What are you looking forward to the most about being an Arizona Wildcat?

“Becoming part of the Wildcat Family is exciting. I can’t wait to see what my future holds at U of A.”