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Friday Night Lights: Phelps close to breaking records, Patu tees off on offense

Arizona WR commit Brandon Phelps

High school football is in full swing, and that can mean only one thing...FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!

There were 18 out of 21 2024 commits in action, while Arizona’s lone 2025 was also on the field this past weekend.

With that, let’s dive into this week’s edition of FNL.

4-star QB Demond Williams Jr., Basha (Chandler, Ariz.)

  • Game Result: Won 48-14 over O’Connor
  • Team Record: 4-1
  • Game Stats: 15-for-16, 356 yds, 6 TD; 3 car, 54 yds, 1 TD
  • Season Stats: 77-for-90, 1,329 yds, 17 TD, 1 INT; 41 car, 463 yds, 6 TD
  • Notes: Not much to say at this point. Williams had over 400 total yards, 7 total touchdowns, and 1 incomplete pass. An insanely good game for the dynamic playmaker. Enjoy his highlights below. Pay very close attention to the 00:23 mark.

4-star RB Jordan Washington, Jordan (Long Beach, Calif.)

  • Game Result: Lost 53-25 to Millikan
  • Team Record: 4-1
  • Game Stats: 11 car, 83 yds, 1 TD; 3 rec, 30 yds
  • Season Stats: 29 car, 249 yds, 4 TD; 13 rec, 131 yds
  • Notes: After being sidelined with a hamstring injury, Washington was back in force and looked just as explosive. He had a pretty productive game, averaging 7.5 yards per carry and a score. You can view his touchdown in the first clip below. The second clip is pretty solid evidence that his hamstring his fine. He catches the ball in space, uses his elite speed to take the edge, brakes and changes direction with no problems. All are great signs regarding his health.

3-star Adam Mohammed, Apollo (Glendale, Ariz.)

  • Game Result: Won 49-18 over North
  • Team Record: 4-1
  • Game Stats: 8 car, 155 yds, 3 TD; 1 rec, 36 yds, 1TD
  • Season Stats: 74 car, 853 yds, 13 TD; 6 rec, 148 yds, 1 TD
  • Notes: Mohammad continued to torment defenses by chewing up North High School this past weekend for 191 yards on just 9 touches and 4 scores. Mohammed puts up video game numbers on the regular so this type of performance isn’t out of the ordinary this season. Still, it is impressive.

3-star ATH Landon Bell, Newbury Park (Newbury Park, Calif.)

  • Game Result: Won 54-42 over Thousand Oaks
  • Team Record: 4-1
  • Game Stats: 7 rec, 193 yds, 4 TD
  • Season Stats: 26 rec, 485 yds yds, 8 TD
  • Notes: Bell went off against Thousand Oaks. Bell showed great separation against opposing corners, out-running them and pulling away once he hit his top speed. His large frame coupled with that speed makes him an effective target across the middle as well. Bell turned in a very impressive performance to say the least and shows the type of upside he will bring to Tucson.

3-star WR Brandon Phelps, American Leadership Academy - Gilbert North (Gilbert, Ariz.)

  • Game Result: Won 42-20 over Skyline
  • Team Record: 4-1
  • Game Stats: 5 rec, 126 yds, 2 TD
  • Season Stats: 30 rec, 557 yds, 7 TD
  • Notes: Phelps had another fantastic game for ALA-Gilbert North this past weekend. He had a great catch where he high-pointed to ball over the defender for a first down. It is also worth noting, he is, most likely, one game short of breaking state records for yards, receptions, and receiving touchdowns. That is quite the feat.

3-star WR Audric Harris, Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, Nev.)

  • Game Result: Won 55-0 over Silverado
  • Team Record: 6-0
  • Game Stats: 2 rec, 63 yds, 1 TD
  • Season Stats: 31 rec, 597 yds, 6 TD
  • Notes: Harris had only 2 catches this past weekend but, overall, he was efficient. He had a beautiful 41-yard touchdown where he outran his coverage, and was wide open for the score. I mean, he had no one around him in a 25-yard radius.

3-star TE Charlie Crowell, Summit (Bend, Ore.)

  • Game Result: Lost 35-20 to Wilsonville
  • Team Record: 1-3
  • Game Stats: 1 rec, 7 yds
  • Season Stats: 8 rec, 184 yds, 1 TD
  • Notes: Crowell didn’t have a statistically stand out game but he was effective in the run game. It is known he is a good receiving tight end but it turns out he is also solid in run blocking. There were multiple instances against Wilsonville where he was able to set the edge, or open the lane for his running back.

3-star OL Matthew Lado, Apollo (Glendale, Ariz.)

  • Game Result: Won 49-18 over North
  • Team Record: 4-1
  • Game Stats: N/A
  • Season Stats: N/A
  • Notes: Lado had another solid game, opening holes for his running back at the goal line, as well as setting the edge for his QB. Again, the more I watch Lado, the more I am impressed.

3-star OL Justin Hylkema, Wilcox (Santa Clara, Calif.)

  • Game Result: Lost 21-7 to Edison
  • Team Record: 2-2
  • Game Stats: N/A
  • Season Stats: N/A
  • Notes: Hylkema had short highlights for this past weekend, but did show some attributes that are desirable. While his team was backed up against their own goal line, he did a great job of getting in the way of the initial rusher before flaring out and knocking the attacking linebacker to the ground, springing his running back for a huge gain.

3-star OL Michael Watkins, Apollo (Glendale, Ariz.)

  • Game Result: Won 49-18 over North
  • Team Record: 4-1
  • Game Stats: N/A
  • Season Stats: N/A
  • Notes: Watkins is another Apollo lineman who had another great game. It can’t be over-stated how highspeed his motor is. He does not stop moving forward once the ball is snapped.

3-star Edge Eduwa Okundaye, Tompkins (Katy, Tex.)

  • Game Result: Won 42-0 over Seven Lakes
  • Team Record: 2-3
  • Game Stats: 5 tackles, 1 FR
  • Season Stats: 24 tackles, 2 TFL, 2 sack, 1 FR
  • Notes: Okundaye had a heads up play on a fumble recovery. He didn’t have any negative plays, but he did rack up a decent amount of tackles.

Unranked DL Jaedon Langley, Boswell (Fort Worth, Tex.)

  • Game Result: Won 44-7 over Paschal
  • Team Record: 4-1
  • Game Stats: 10 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 sack, 1 QB Hurry
  • Season Stats: 27 tackles, 7 TFL, 3 sacks, 1 FF, 7 QB Hurries
  • Notes: Langley had an active, and productive, game statistically. There wasn’t much film on him, but you can see one of the TFLs he had below.

3-star ATH Sefo Akuila, Fremont (Oakland, Calif.)

  • Game Result: Lost 27-6 to Livermore
  • Team Record: 0-5
  • Game Stats: Unavailable
  • Season Stats: Unavailable
  • Notes: I was unable to find any stats or highlights for Akuila.

3-star CB Isaiah Buxton, Mater Dei Catholic (Chula Vista, Calif.)

  • Game Result: Won 23-14 over St. Augustine
  • Team Record: 2-3
  • Game Stats: Unavailable
  • Season Stats: Unavailable
  • Notes: Buxton has continuously proven to be effective against the run, while simultaneously being an effective cover back as well. He also gave St. Augustine a run for their money on special teams, taking a short kickoff for 40 yards and setting up MDC with excellent field position.

3-star ATH Kayo Patu, Roosevelt (Seattle, Wash.)

  • Game Result: Won 56-0 over Franklin
  • Team Record: 3-1
  • Game Stats: 2 tackles, 1 INT; 4 rec, 135 yds, 3 TD
  • Season Stats: 2 tackles, 2 INT; 20 rec, 422 yds, 7 TD
  • Notes: Patu is an absolute stud on the offensive side of the ball. He has the speed, elusiveness, hands, and overall athleticism to be successful next level. He went off against Franklin on offense and had only one catch that wasn’t a touchdown. Defensively, he is also as successful. His stats are just now starting to get updated so I’m not 100% if all his stats have been updated. Overall, it’s encouraging to see him succeed on both sides of the ball.

3-star ATH Chance Harrison, Rio Mesa (Oxnard, Calif.)

  • Game Result: Won 56-0 over Channel Islands
  • Team Record: 4-1
  • Game Stats: 2 tackles; 6 rec, 69 yds
  • Season Stats: 31 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 INT, 4 PBU; 20 rec, 267 yds, 2 TD
  • Notes: I was unable to find any highlights of Harrison from this past weekend. Statistically, he had an average game, with offense being his better performance.

3-star S Turran Williams, John Muir (Pasadena, Calif.)

  • Game Result: Lost 33-20 to Norte Vista
  • Team Record: 3-2
  • Game Stats: Unavailable
  • Season Stats: Unavailable
  • Notes: I was unable to find any stats nor highlights of Williams from this past weekend.

3-star K Michael Salgado-Medina, Mission Viejo (Mission Viejo, Calif.)

  • Game Result: Lost 39-17 to St. John’s
  • Team Record: 4-2
  • Game Stats: Unavailable
  • Season Stats: FG: 4-for-8, 50%, Long of 37; Punts: 15 punts for 587 yds, 39.1 YPP, Long of 61
  • Notes: I was unable to find any stats for MSM.

Unranked ATH Bryce Lewis, Blessed Trinity (Roswell, GA)

  • Game Result: Won 31-3 over Sprayberry
  • Team Record: 3-1
  • Game Stats: 2 rec, 20 yds
  • Season Stats: 11 rec, 156 yds, 2 TD
  • Notes: Lewis’ best play came on a dig route across the field for 12 yards. Other than that not much to report from Lews this past weekend.