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Getting to know 3-star WR signee Brandon Phelps

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The 2023 Early Signing Period is finally here! The Arizona Wildcats welcomed numerous new players to the team last month.

One such player is 3-star, in-state wide receiver Brandon Phelps.

His signing day profile can be found here. Read on below to learn a little more about one of the new additions to the Wildcat Football program.

AZ Desert Swarm: What is your favorite hobby?

Brandon Phelps: “I like to golf and work at my school, as well as playing Fortnite here and there.”

What is your favorite post-game meal?

“Got to go with two Double Doubles with some animal fries and a lemonade from In-n-Out.”

What is your go-to pre-game hype song?

“I like to listen to nice, calming zen music. I like to say ‘quiet before the storm.’”

What is the fondest memory you have of your high school career?

“The fondest memory of my high school career has to be being able to mentor kids younger than me on our team, and being a leader on the field for people to look up to. If we are talking about plays, my last high school touchdown. It was 99-yards and I actually took in how loud the crowd was and who was backing me. It was just awesome.”

What is your greatest strength on the field and what is the part of your game you’d like to work on?

“My greatest strength on the field has to be the way I can use my hands at the line, or in my route, as well as being able to manipulate defensive backs with my eyes and shoulders. Also, being 6-foot-2 and 200 lbs, I’m very fast and can stop on a dime. I would like to improve on my lateral quickness and my ability to juke people out.”

Which 2024 class member are you closest with?

“Probably Dylan Tapley and Adam Mohammed.”

What are your thoughts on Arizona’s 2023 season?

“I thought Arizona had an awesome season. Such a turn around from two years ago. I am so excited for the future of Arizona as well because I know there’s even better football to come, and that’s crazy to say! They are playing so well.”

What are you looking forward to the most about being an Arizona Wildcat?

“Being able to learn from the best. Knowing it’s a process and being able to trust that process.”