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Arizona Athletics: Wildcats go undefeated for the weekend...almost

There is no losing in Tucson

Harry How

Across all of Arizona Athletics, there were no losses this weekend in Tucson.



One thing that's fun about Athletics claiming that Arizona went undefeated this weekend, gymnastics actually lost a close one in Utah Friday night, but why worry about the details?

While it was not an enormous surprise that, say, men's basketball and softball went through the weekend unscathed, it was a huuuuge surprise that women's basketball took down No. 11 ASU.

Coach Butts was pumped

No matter what sport it is, it's always great to beat ASU, especially when they're heavy favorites.

Women's basketball weren't the only ones to take down ASU though.  Men's and women's swimming and diving brought home victories from Tempe this weekend as well.

In addition to the basketball teams sweeping their three games in McKale Center this week, softball opened up their season 3-0, outscoring Southern Miss by a combined 35-2.  All three games were five-inning run-rule games.

Finally, we get to tennis.  The men's team traveled to California this weekend, and beat both Cal Poly and UC-Santa Barbara 4-3.  The women's team was dominant at home, sweeping Grand Canyon, UTEP and Sacramento State.

Pretty good weekend in Tucson if I do say so myself.


The good people at Arizona Athletics tweeted me to clarify the "undefeated weekend" with gymnastics' loss:

That doesn't really explain why men's tennis was included on the graphic and swimming wasn't, since men's tennis was, well, not at home. Good try, good effort, AZ Athletics.