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NCAA Softball Tournament Results: Wildcats' lenses fall out against Lafayette, Christina Hamilton

Gotta get two on Saturday!

Kellie Fox hit a two-run homer in the 7th inning on Friday
Kellie Fox hit a two-run homer in the 7th inning on Friday
Jason Bartel

The Arizona Wildcats dropped game one of the Lafayette Regional like Christina Hamilton drops her glasses by a score of 5-3 on Friday night.

It was promising early on, as first baseman Hallie Wilson led the game off with a homer to right-center, but that would prove to be the only run the Wildcats would score for a while.

The Cats also got the next two hitters on in the first inning, but failed to do anything with it.

Louisiana-Lafayette pitcher Christina Hamilton shut the door after the first inning. She allowed just three hits over the next five frames.

In the bottom of the first, it appeared Estela Pinon had gotten through it with a strikeout, but the home plate umpire didn't think so. He called it a foul tip, and that Chelsea Goodacre dropped it. At worst, Goodacre dropped the ball on the exchange, but really, it didn't look like a foul tip at all.

That one moment of relaxation for Pinon cost her, as she gave up a two-run home run to Samantha Walsh, which put the Ragins ahead for good.

The Wildcats threatened in the seventh, including a two-run homer from Kellie Fox. Lauren Young came up to the plate as the tying run, but grounded into a fielder's choice at third to end it.

Shelby Babcock had another good outing, throwing three innings of one-hit ball. But five walks for her combined with four issued by Pinon are not going to get the job done from here on.

The most interesting part of the game proved to be Hamilton's glasses, which as we found out, have no lenses. And neither do the glasses of any of the Lafayette fans. Lafayette's a weird place, man.

Here's some of the best jokes:

But first, a tutorial:

Now jokes:

Anyways, Arizona has to win two games on Saturday. The first game starts at Noon MST on ESPNU. If the Wildcats win that game, the second game would start about half an hour after the first one ended.