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NCAA Women's Soccer Tournament bracket: Arizona Wildcats hosting Northern Colorado

A home game in the NCAA Tournament for Arizona

The women's soccer program has had an unprecedented amount of success this season, and it's translated into them hosting an NCAA Tournament match for the first time ever.

The game will take place Friday night at 6 PM MST


Arizona will open with Northern Colorado. Here's a look at their part of the bracket:

women's soccer

The team has already defeated Santa Clara this season by a score of 2-1. They also went to double overtime against Stanford, falling 3-2.

It'll be an unprecedented weekend in Arizona soccer history. With the game starting at 6 PM MST, the end will go head-to-head with basketball, which starts at 7:30 PM against Pacific.

Good luck to the 'Cats and hopefully we'll be seeing them advance deep into the tournament!