Arizona offensive lineman Edgar Burrola entering transfer portal

Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Arizona offensive lineman Edgar Burrola has entered the transfer portal, according to Rivals.

The redshirt junior played one game for the Wildcats this season — the 38-14 home loss to San Diego State. Burrola recorded 23 snaps and had a 48.8 grade from Pro Football Focus.

The Las Vegas native missed the 2020 season after being suspended for violating the program’s COVID-19 protocol four times.

After sitting out the 2017 season, Burrola made six appearances as a redshirt freshman in 2018 and and 11 appearances as a sophomore in 2019.

Burrola’s departure is a blow to Arizona’s depth on the offensive line, which was already one the team’s biggest weaknesses.

Through three games, the Wildcats are averaging 79 rushing yards, which is 122nd nationally and 2nd worst among all Power Five programs.

Arizona has allowed 10 sacks, worst among all Pac-12 teams.


Last straw…

He acted like a bit of an ass when he left the program last year rather than deal with the issues as part of the team. The guy has a family and a construction company if I remember right. Maybe college football just isn’t in his future, if he realizes it or not.

I don’t see this as anything more than an isolated issue with an uncoachable individual.

"Bit of an ass" lol

So true. I was surprised when he was allowed back. In hindsight, that was a poor decision.

His following Covid protocol was not good.

I think Burrola’s behavior has been less than exemplary.

But he did play some, alternating with the starter, Fears. And he is very long with fairly good feet. You’d think that a good line coach would accentuate the positive, encourage Edgar, and do the best to realize his talents to improve a woeful OL. I believe that’s what Joe Gilbert would have done.

The offensive line is an All Hands on Deck situation. And this callow, immature Burrola just leaving in the middle of the season, after the Covid year, is not a positive development. It betrays an arms-length relationship with him. And probably some of the other players.

Well, his 'opinion' on protocol/behavior

seemed to be pretty much what Antonio Pierce’s was at ASU, and 3 of his assistants/recruiters are gone.

So the attitude relative to that type of ‘opinion/belief’ only lost Burrola potentially at worst a season of eligibility, and at best just a year of his working life being able to do something else while spending his extra year chasing his football dream/experience. As above, it’s suggested it could’ve been worse believing stuff is no big deal and will ‘just disappear so keep on living life like you did before’ regardless. In some instances it bites you in the ass in some way, shape or form.

I miss John Drachman's

Tombstone gif with Powers Boothe…"Well… BYE!"

It would be nice to hear JDs opinions.

Even if he would be cajoling all of us to donate, donate and donate some more to the athletic department.

I think it was more

dismissing your opinion/commentary if it countered his. Unless you had a respectable receipt for your athletic department donation amount.


Best of luck elsewhere.

As bad as we need players

we don’t need guys that don’t want to be here.

Good luck.

Sometimes it’s addition by subtraction. You get rid of enough bad attitudes and it can change a locker room.

Anyone who quits after the NAU game is that kind of player.


hate to lose the depth, but the history on this guy isn’t worth worrying about.

48.8 grade from Pro Football Focus

Was it really a loss, or a speed hump?

How many of

you would continue working for a company that is a sinking ship and where the owner wont give you an opportunity to shine? I am guessing none of you, but you continue to rag on kids for leaving when their football life/career is only a couple years.

Contrary to what most of you seem to think Arizona does not own these student athletes and they are not pieces of meat. Just as you are able to freely choose your career paths so should college athletes.

I don't see anyone here "ragging" on this guy

Not sure what you are on about.

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