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The Rich Rodriguez Recruiting Logic

For Rich Rodriguez, it's not all about the stars

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Rich Rodriguez has been at Arizona for just three years and has already made his mark in both the Pac-12 and national stage. Despite his recent success, he still strives to land the recruits that represent what The University of Arizona stands for.

In 2012, Rich Rod's first year, he brought in the 41st ranked recruiting class in the nation and 10th ranked in the Pac-12. After securing an 8-5 season, Rich Rod pulled in the 44th ranked recruiting class, good for 7th in the Pac-12. In 2013 he followed that up with the 31st ranked class, 6th in the Pac-12. This year, the class is ranked 38th in the nation and 9th in the Pac-12.

For Rich Rodriguez, it's not all about the stars. It's about getting OKGs, Our Kinda Guys. OKGs are the coachable guys filled with character, the ones who are all in for Arizona, ready to go to work.  Rich Rodriguez wants to find his guys early in the recruiting process, before any other power five school, and have them commit to the program. When you look at the recruiting of Wildcats, Arizona is typically the first power five school to offer some of these OKGs.

His recruiting mentality holds true when you look at the true OKGs of the program: 2-star William Parks, 3-star Nate Phillips, 2-star Jarvis McCall and of course, 2-star Scooby Wright III.

Many have said that if this 2015 class were to be reranked, many of Arizona's commits would be classified as a 4-star. Guys like Paul Magloire, Shun BrownOrlando Bradford and Antonio Parks have all been mentioned as some of the most under-the-radar guys in the country.

Rich Rod has fared well in his first three years with all but few starters being his own recruits. With signing day just a few days away now, we can expect these guys to make a splash in the program soon.