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Arizona basketball recruiting: 2016 4-star forward Mitch Lightfoot commits to Kansas

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With Lauri Markkanen already in the fold, this isn't a huge deal

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Four-star forward prospect from Gilbert, Arizona, Mitch Lightfoot, has committed to the Kansas Jayhawks, he announced on Saturday afternoon.

The Arizona Wildcats were long seen as the favorites for the Tucson native, but with Sean Miller and company snagging five-star forward Lauri Markkenen -- a higher ranked player at the same position -- last week, Kansas became the favorites, and so this decision is no surprise.

He was also considering St. Johns, and two other Pac-12 schools -- Utah and Stanford, and was once committed to New Mexico.

Usually a highly-ranked, in-state player going elsewhere would be a little bit of a concern for the Wildcats, but frankly both sides are probably better off with Lightfoot heading elsewhere. He and Markkanen would have been too redundant, in my opinion, and so the Jayhawks likely offer more immediate playing time. For Arizona, they will now be able to use his would-be scholarship for another recruit or transfer that is a more ideal fit.

So don't panic, Wildcat fans.