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Arizona basketball recruiting: Wildcats offer 4-star forward Greg Floyd

Sean Miller on the search for his next best forward

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Miller has been very active on the recruiting trail these past few days. He just hosted 4-star forward Mitch Lightfoot this weekoffered 4-star center Jalen Hill and is the process of recruiting 4-star guard Frank Jackson for 2018. Continuing to look ahead to 2017, Miller has offered Greg Floyd, 6-7 small forward out of Desert Pines (Las Vegas, NV).

Floyd is rated as the No. 14 small forward in the nation, 57th overall regardless of position. He holds offers to Arizona, Cal, UNLV, and Virginia, among others. No highlights of Floyd could be found on the interwebs.

Sean Miller has had great success in recruiting and developing wings over the years. Getting an early lead on Floyd tells us that Miller thinks highly of him. It's still very early in the recruiting process for the class of 2017, which gives Floyd time to climb the ranks.

But it's been a strange recruiting period for Sean Miller, as he hasn't been going after the top 25 guys he usually pulls in. We've seen a lot of 4-star guys outside the top 50 receiving offers from Arizona lately and but it's probably for good reason; Miller knows exactly what he wants in a player, knowing it takes a certain breed to play for Arizona.