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Arizona football recruiting: Ten recruits Arizona has the best chance of landing

Some names you need to watch out for in the recruiting game

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

1. Josh Allen (defensive end)

Recently ranked the No. 1 junior college player out of California and No. 1 junior college defensive end in the nation, Josh Allen had said in an exclusive interview with AZ Desert Swarm that Arizona is currently the leader in his recruitment process. Arizona State, Boise State and Washington State have been coming at him pretty hard, but he’s already set up an official visit to Tucson on July 18th. At 6-4 250lbs, Allen would be able to contribute immediately on the defensive line.

2. Michael Eletise (guard)

Arguably Arizona’s top recruiting prospect at the moment, Eletise has Arizona in his top 10 and has a strong chance at landing him. His sister currently attends GCU, so Arizona is an ideal location. It's important to note that Arizona State was not in his top 10, however he has started to receive some attention from them. There are quite a few others that are grabbing his attention, but if I had to pick based on what I know and have seen and heard from him, I’d say Arizona is at least in the top four for Eletise.

3. AJ Hotckins (linebacker)

One of the top junior college linebackers in the country, ranked No. 2 in the country, Hotchkins has been receiving a lot of attention from across the country. Easily one of my favorite recruits to have analyzed and watched film on. He’s like a Scooby Wright IV. I don't want to give him the high praise already, but he definitely has the OKG mentality and could be a perfect fit in the linebacker corps. He’s been picking up some steam in the Pac-12, now holding offers from five of the 12. But as for now, Arizona might just be the leader for Hotckins.

4. Matthew Gutwald (guard)

It’s down to Oregon and Arizona for Mr. Gutwald. He seemed to have a pretty good trip to Eugene this past weekend according to his Twitter, and he'll be coming to visit Tucson sometime in July. It’ll come down to early playing time and his relationship with the staff at Arizona, which is something he’ll be paying attention to this upcoming season. He has no timetable to commit, and is likely to wait until his season is over after he pulls in more offers. Oregon is a tough program to compete with when it comes to football recruiting. In this situation however, it might be best for Gutwald to come to a program that could really use his help sooner rather than later, instead of risking being drowned out by the top recruits of Oregon.

5. Jake Burton (defensive end)

At 6-6 250 lbs, this is the size on the defensive line that Arizona has been longing for in the Rich Rodriguez era. He’s been picking up quite a few offers, most recently Vanderbilt and Boise State. In an interview he told me that he has Arizona as one of his top choices and feels like he could fit into the defensive scheme perfectly. I would agree with Mr. Burton, simply because a commitment would be, quite literally, huge for the defensive line.

6. Jacob Colacion (linebacker)

Arizona is probably his biggest offer at the moment, however he has been receiving some attention from a few other schools. On the Twitter, he’s been pretty friendly on the retweets when it comes to Arizona. Boise State is probably the biggest threat to Arizona for Colacion, but if this were my crystal ball prediction, I’d put my money down on Arizona.

7. DeVaughn Cooper (receiver)

A good look at wide receiver here for 2016, possibly one of the few Arizona will really go after. His teammate at Norbonne High School is Sean Riley, who committed back in the spring and has been turning a lot of heads in the offseason. In an interview with Cooper, he told me that Michigan is also a school that’s really drawing his interest, as well as Colorado and both Washington schools. Arizona seems like it would be a dream school for a wide receiver, especially considering the depth in two years, when Grant, Griffey, Jones and Phillips will all be gone. In an offense that runs close to 90 plays per game, along with having four 4-star quarterbacks in the next two years (Anu Solomon, Khalil Tate, Devon Modster, and Braxton Burmeister), Arizona seems like a good fit. Michigan and Washington might be catching the eye of Cooper, but Arizona is still very well in the mix.

8. London Iakopo (safety)

Teammate of Josh Allen at Long Beach City College, the two have talked about playing together at Arizona. He already had some interest in Arizona, and Allen's interest could definitely help him sway Iakopo to Tucson. Rich Rodriguez has been a fan of JUCO's on defense this year, giving us good reason to believe he'll land at least one. Iakopo is currently ranked No. 6 among all junior college products in California. If I had to guess now, I'd say London Iakopo to Arizona.

9. Chanse Sylvie (safety)

Former teammate of incoming freshmen Shun Brown and Orlando Bradford at Calvary Baptist, Chanse has already been hearing some recruiting pitches from his friends. At the safety spot, he would be in a pretty good position to see the field relatively early at Arizona. He has a few other offers to big time programs including Baylor, Ole Miss, TCU and Tennessee, but don’t count Arizona out just yet.

10. Byron Murphy (corner)

A while ago, it seemed as if Murphy was all about Arizona. But recently, he's picked up a lot of attention, which has led to many offers. In the second semester, he picked up offers from Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Florida State, Michigan and Texas, among others. He's ranked as the No. 8 corner in the nation, coming in at 5-11 160 lbs. He hails from Saguaro High School in Scottsdale, Arizona, and would be a huge in-state get. Right now, it seems as if Arizona's window is closing, but there's still hope to land the precious 4-star corner that Arizona could pair up with Cam Denson.