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3-star defensive tackle Jabari Watson to announce commitment on Wednesday

Does Arizona land another defensive tackle for 2016 on Wednesday?

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On Wednesday, we'll find out if Arizona can land another defensive tackle for the 2016 recruiting class, as 3-star Jabari Watson said he will announce his decision on that day.

As of now, it seems as if it's between Arizona, Boise State and San Diego State for the 6-2 255lb force.

I got a chance to talk to Jabari last week about his recruitment process, but it seems as if some things have changed since we last spoke.

"Well I was very happy when I got that offer," Watson said about his Arizona offer. "I was happy because that was my first Pac-12 offer and I love how the coaches are. They seem very interested in me and I really like that,"

When we talked, he said that he didn't have a frontrunner. "Well as of right now I haven't ranked my schools but Boise State is a school that's grabbing my attention right now, so is UCLA." However, there wasn't a timetable for his commitment process as of June 23rd. "I'll probably keep it open," Watson said about his recruiting process.

Watson is interested in the education he'll get from the school and how the coaching staff operates between themselves and the team. He said that he would really love to visit Tucson sometime soon to see the campus.

It's pretty interesting to know how a defensive lineman feels about the 3-3-5 scheme Arizona imploys. Although Watson has never played in a 3-3-5 scheme, he feels like players should be smart enough to catch on and learn a scheme fairly easy. It doesn't seem to phase him in his recruitment process.

He sees himself as a faster tackle that can shoot gaps really well and also go downfield and make some tackles. He wants to get stronger and faster off the ball, as well as work on play recognition to adjust from run to pass, and able to sniff out any screen passes in the flats. His junior year highlights are below.