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Arizona Football Recruiting: Recruits visiting on July 18th

Arizona could be picking up a few commitments this weekend

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend is a big one in terms of recruiting for Arizona football as many targets will be in Tucson.

Here's a look at the guys who will be on campus visiting on July 18th:

Josh Allen, defensive end, 6-4 260lbs

The No. 7 ranked JUCO player in the nation, No. 1 out of California, told me that Arizona is his top school.

Calvin Tubbs, linebacker, 5-11 235lbs

Yet to be offered by Arizona, but an offer seems likely at some point this season, particularly September. He said he will commit as soon as Arizona offers.

Terrell Burgess, corner, 6-0 180lbs

Last I talked to him he said that he was going to make the trip to Tucson. He is definitely someone Arizona has a chance at landing in the secondary.

Brandon Burton, defensive end, 6-2 200lbs

Teammates with Khalil Tate, Arizona seems to be rising on his board, a board topped by many powerhouse schools.

Khalil Tate, quarterback, 6-2 203lbs

Arizona commit, who is the unofficial ambassador of the 2016 recruiting class, which puts the rumors of Tate decommitting aside.

Jacob Colacion, 3-star linebacker, 6-1 215lbs

Last I spoke to him, he said he was trying to make it out on the 18th. The latest Arizona commit, which pushes the Wildcats to a top 50 recruiting class.

Jabari Watson, 3-star defensive tackle, 6-3 255lbs

Arizona commit, who will be visiting campus for the first time in his life.

Markell Utsey, 3-star defensive tackle, 6-4 290lbs

Another big defensive lineman that Arizona could use. He's a guy who could definitely be in an Arizona uniform next fall.

Tyleik Rainer, running back, 5-10 185lbs

I haven't read up much on his recruiting process, but he seems to like Arizona. One concern would be the amount of running backs in this 2016 class, with Sean Riley and Russell Halimon already committed.

Bryson Cain 3-star offensive tackle, 6-5 265lbs

I talked to him early last week and he said he was going to try to head out to Arizona for this weekend.

JJ Taylor, 3-star running back. 5-6 155lbs

A guy that says he'll likely commit after the visit, and GOAZCat's Matt Moreno posted this sweet video of Taylor putting some moves on this weekend.

Matthew Gutwald, 3-star offensive guard, 6-4 275lbs

Just informed me on Tuesday that he will be visiting this weekend. Says that Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Stanford are making moves, perking his interest. He had said Oregon and Arizona were his top two a few weeks ago.

Jake Burton, 3-star defensive end, 6-6 250lbs

Spoke to him a few weeks ago and said he was planning on making the trip. Arizona has a pretty good shot at landing him for now.