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Arizona football recruiting: Predicting which targets will commit

We're going to be seeing a lot of commitments within the next two months for Arizona

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A few weeks ago, I compiled a list of 10 recruits that Arizona has the best chance at landing. Since then, only one has committed, and that was Jacob Colacion, who did commit to the Wildcats.

We'll continue to break down some more recruits.

Josh Allen, No. 2 JuCo defensive end, 6-4 260lbs

He told me a few weeks ago that Arizona was his number one school. He is bound to commit soon, which could be as soon as this weekend. As of now, he seems pretty dead set on Arizona. It's only a matter of time until he commits to Arizona, which would be a huge get for Arizona, as one of the lone 4-stars left on Arizona's board.

London Iakopo, No. 5 JuCo safety, 6-0 205lbs

Teammates with Josh Allen, it's pretty clear that London will commit to Arizona barring any unforeseen catastrophe. He wants to play with Allen at the next level and this is their chance to do so. Much like Allen, it seems like it's only a matter of time until he commits.

DeVaughn Cooper, No. 147 receiver, 5-10 170lbs

Teammate of Arizona commit Sean Riley, I would think Arizona is a favorite for Cooper. Last I spoke to him he had some interest in Colorado and was getting some attention from Michigan, but with the familiarity of the So Cal boys in this recruiting class, and the explosiveness of the offense, I think Arizona pulls in Cooper eventually.

Jake Burton, No. 43 strong side defensive end, 6-5 250lbs

The 6-6 250lb defensive end seems pretty interested in Arizona and said it was a school that was fairly high on his list. He has picked up some attention from Vanderbilt recently, but I think he sticks with Arizona on his decision.

Evan Weaver, No. 56 strong side defensive end, 6-3 230lbs

Another defensive end that Arizona has a pretty strong chance at landing. As for now, Washington might be the leader, but Weaver hasn't been picking up the attention that Burton has. Arizona might only land one of them, and Burton might be it, but Weaver is definitely another option. Definitely one of my favorite recruits to talk to over the last few months.

Gavin Robertson, No. 146 safey, 6-2 190lbs

Arizona is heavily recruiting safeties, and I think Robertson is one Arizona lands. Although, there are a lot of safeties that Arizona could land in this class. There are three safety positions, and I think that Robertson could excel in the bandit role as a big hitter, leaving plenty of spots open for other recruits.

Markell Utsey, 2-star defensive tackle, 6-4 290lbs

This could be the third defensive tackle commit for the 2016 class. At 6-4 290lbs, he would by far be the biggest defensive tackle on the roster. Coming out of Arkansas, he has a lot of interest from a bunch of smaller schools in the south, and said the distance isn't a concern when picking a school. Three defensive tackles would definitely be welcome and shouldn't be a concern for future recruits, as it's probably the weakest position on the roster.

Bryson Cain, No. 99 offensive tackle, 6-5 255lbs

It's going to be hard to imagine another school coming in the way of Cain and Arizona. He told me he will commit before the season, and I expect him to commit to The University of Arizona. He's a fast offensive tackle that will be able to develop in the system for a few years and could emerge as a full-time starter.

JJ Taylor, No. 19 all purpose back, 5-6 155lbs

Pretty fresh target on the recruiting trail, picking up an offer in early June. He told me earlier this week that he is likely going to commit to Arizona after his visit. This would be a nice get at running back, but there also seems to be quite a few running backs in store. Arizona did lose Omar Boyd and will be losing Jared Baker.

Tyliek Raynor, No. 56 running back, 5-10 180lbs

Another running back who was recently offered this summer and has been favoring Arizona. It's hard to imagine that Arizona gets both Ranor and Taylor, giving the class four running backs, but maybe it happens. These are two recruits that I will continue to try and follow.

Cameron Murray, No. 55 defensive tackle, 6-2 280lbs

Hard to read where Murray's recruitment process lies, but Arizona is definitely in play for his talents. Probably less likely than Utsey, but still on the board. It also wouldn't be crazy to have both Utsey and Murray commit, bringing the total to four defensive tackles.

Elijah Battle, No. 19 JuCo corner, 6-1 190lbs

A JUCO corner who I just spoke to, has Arizona on the top of his list.  Rich Rodriguez brought in eight defensive backs in last year's recruiting class, so this isn't a position in need for the future, however it seems as if Battle is probably the most likely corner they land, if they land one at all aside from Isaiah Hayes

Some guys who I think need more time, but are heavily considering Arizona in the process

AJ Hotckins, No. 2 JuCo Linebacker, 6-0 240lbs

There hasn't been much info on his recruitment, but Arizona still stands as one of his best offers. He's ranked as the No. 2 JUCO linebacker in the country and could be a great replacement for Scooby when he leaves.

Chanse Sylvie, No. 35 safety, 6-0 185lbs

Calvary Baptist has become a recruiting pipeline for Arizona, with Orlando Bradford and Shun Brown both committing for 2015. Their teammate, Chanse Sylvie, has been taking a hard look at Arizona and is hearing the recruiting pitches of Bradford and Brown. Sylvie has some bigger offers on the table, including Oklahoma, TCU, and Tennessee, but it's definitely too soon to count Arizona out of it.

Korey Banks, No. 94 corner, 6-0 170lbs

It was a surprise to see Arizona make his top five, which is now six since adding Michigan. As of now it seems as if Michigan and Wisconsin are the leaders, but as the only Pac-12 school on his list, Banks had told me has was a big fan of the Pac-12 competition and the 3-3-5 defense.

Eric Burrell, No. 19 safety, 5-11 170lbs

He named his top eight and Arizona made the cut. Khalil Tate had told me he's doing some recruiting on him. Arizona definitely has a shot at him but I think he needs more time in his recruitment. As for now, I wouldn't count on him coming to Arizona, but he's someone who is in the mix.

Brandon Burton, No. 6 safety, 6-0 180lbs

Teammates with Khalil Tate at Serra High School. I think Arizona has a pretty good shot at landing him as long as they can sustain success throughout this season. Not sure whether he would come in as a safety or a wide receiver, but having Tate as his number one recruiter probably pushes Arizona towards the top of the list for Burton.

Michael Eletise, No. 9 offensive guard, 6-4 313lbs

Michael Eletise has yet to take a visit to Tucson, and I think that's when Arizona will gain some momentum on Washington, who seems to be the leader for Eletise at this point. This would be a huge get, and it seems like Arizona is going all in for Eletise, but Arizona State is also coming in hot for Eletise.

Boss Tagaloa, No. 9 defensive tackle, 6-3 295lbs

There's still time to pull in Tagaloa, but it seems as if UCLA is the leader, with Cal and Arizona in the mix as well. Arizona has a lot of defensive line targets/commits already, so it'll be interesting to see how that plays in the recruitment of Tagaloa.

Matthew Gutwald, No. 59 offensive guard, 6-4 275lbs

It was between Arizona and Oregon for Gutwald, but Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Stanford have all jumped into the scene, which could definitely push Arizona back a bit. In this case, the more time that Gutwald takes, the worse it is for Arizona, as more schools will start recruiting him with all this attention around him.