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Arizona football recruiting: Breaking down 3-star defensive end commit Jake Burton

Rich Rodriguez has officially addressed the need for size on the defensive line

Another pleasant surprise for the Arizona Wildcats defensive front came this week, with the commitment of 3-star defensive end Jake Burton. The 3-star end hails from Granite Hills (El Cajon, CA) and checks in at 6-6 260lbs. He is currently ranked No. 42 among all defensive ends and No. 85 among all targets in California.

It was down to Arizona, UCLA and Vanderbilt for Burton's services. I felt that Vanderbilt came in too late for Burton and UCLA could have definitely drowned him out talent-wise going forward, making Arizona a great fit both on the field and on the depth chart.

"Just the whole atmosphere of the school and talking to the coaches, where they see me in the defense and I fit in perfectly. Talking to some of the academic staff and meeting different people on campus really pushed me towards UA," Burton said when asked about Arizona. "My favorite part was seeing the stadium and talking to Coach Rodriguez and Coach Kirelawich," he said about his visit this weekend.

Defensive line has been an area of concern for quite some time. Rich Rodriguez has filled that void, snagging four defensive linemen, two tackles and two ends. Josh Allen will presumably be an immediate starter next year, with both his size and experience, giving Burton plenty of time to grow.

He can play inside and out, both the three and five technique. He is quick off the edge and can read what's going on in the backfield, able to drop his man to go on pursuit or read the quarterback to try and swat the ball down.

Arizona is coming up big on the defensive side of the ball. The four defensive linemen are averaging a weight of 265lbs and an average height of 6-3. This class is adding some dynamic playmakers that could soon take this program to new heights.

"As far as I have seen, this class is loaded with talent. With Khalil Tate and [Jacob Colacion] and others it looks like we are going to do big things at UA."