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Arizona Football Recruiting: 4-star offensive guard Michael Eletise commits to Arizona

Michael Eletise has committed to Arizona

Student Sports

After much await, Michael Eletise has announced his commitment to The University of Arizona. After narrowing it down to Arizona, Arizona State, Nebraska, Ole Miss and Washington, Eletise has now put an end to his recruitment. The 6-4 315lb Hawaiian is ranked No. 9 among all offensive guards in the nation and had over 40+ scholarship offers.

Prior to today, I would have said 65/35 Washington over Arizona. It was clear that Ole Miss and Nebraska weren't heavily in the mix and Arizona State seemed to be just a name in the conversation. Washington was deemed to be the leader from the beginning, something about the program just seemed to hold his interest. But, within the past 24 hours or so, the word rumors of Eletise to Arizona started swirling madly.

Arizona will now have one of the best offensive lines to look forward to. Eletise has the potential to come in as an immediate starter for Arizona, replacing Cayman Bundage once he graduates. Going forward, that would give the future quarterbacks an offensive line of Freddie Tagaloa, Jacob Alsadek, Levi Walton, Michael Eletise and Keenan Walker, given a full recovery. That's a big offensive line to look forward to, and that's not even mentioning the up-and-coming recruits currently in the system.