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Arizona football recruiting: Wildcats commit Justin Holt has some work to do

Kind of an iffy performance from an Arizona commit

Jason Bartel

Having spent more than four years teaching drumline at Ironwood Ridge HS in Oro Valley, I've seen my fair share of great high school football, and almost every year, that includes when Salpointe's on the schedule.

This year, the Salpointe game came much earlier in the year, and it also brought an Arizona Wildcats commit up to Oro Valley in defensive lineman Justin Holt.

Ironwood Ridge dominated the game, winning 33-7, and the Nighthawks offensive line also dominated the future Wildcat. That was surprising because IRHS' O-line had not looked particularly impressive in their first two games of the year.

Here's a compilation of videos I took of Holt over the course of like four defensive series for Salpointe in the first half. He's number 50 in white. Make sure you stick around for the final play, as he does reach his arm up and get a pass deflection.

You can see that Holt is a non-factor in basically all of these plays, and it was that way the entire game. It almost looked like he was hurt in some way and not able to go 100%, or something else was going on where he just wasn't fully engaged in the game. There were several times when he would just stop pursuing the play halfway through. It was strange.

I'm fairly certain he finished the game with just two or three tackles, and that pass deflection. When Holt does make it on campus next year, it seems like he'll have a long way to go before contributing at the college level.