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Arizona football recruiting: 4-star defensive tackle Boss Tagaloa has Wildcats in top six

Another high profile recruit keeping Arizona in his top list of schools

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Arizona is in the mix to land yet another defensive lineman for the class of 2016, as 4-star defensive tackle Boss Tagaloa has Arizona in his final list of schools, according to Scout's Greg Biggins. Along with Arizona, Tagaloa has California, UCLA, Washington, Michigan and Alabama in his top six.

Tagaloa, ranked 12th among all defensive tackles and 79th in the nation regardless of position, checks in at 6-3 295lbs.

There's been a lot of confusion as to if Boss is in fact related to our very own Freddie Tagaloa. Luckily, our pals over at California Golden Blogs confirm that Freddie Tagaloa and Boss are distant relatives, which would explain his interest in both Arizona and California.

All signs seem to point to UCLA, but it is nice to know that Arizona is now in contention for landing some of the top west coast recruits. The problem is just finally being able to land them, and hope that they actually pan out when they do pick Arizona.

A commitment from Tagaloa seems distant, but he is more than welcome to the class of 2016. He would, without a doubt, be the best defensive line commit for 2016, so future depth shouldn't be much of a concern.