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Arizona football recruiting: Wildcats signee Antonio Parks preparing to make an impact

"I'm going to come in and lock guys down, you can bet that" - Antonio Parks

Arizona Athletics

Whether it may be due to injuries, lack of depth, or the sheer amount of playmakers brought in, Rich Rodriguez has been utilizing his freshmen recruiting class two games into the season, and he's been without arguably one of the best.

That playmaker is Antonio Parks, who is sitting out this semester as a gray shirt, in an attempt to bounce back from his ACL injury this past spring.

The 5-10 180lb., 3-star corner has officially started working out as of September 1st. He'll be moving to Tucson in December, prepping for class and practice in the spring semester.

"This summer I was basically in rehabilitation and working on my upper body," Parks said. "I'm 100% now. I can run, jump, and do everything normally. I'm about to begin workouts with some of the best guys down south."

Rich Rodriguez barely tweets. But the day that Antonio Parks committed to Arizona over Arizona State, Clemson, Duke, among others, he expressed his joy.

"I'm grinding for the next three months, the return will be sweet," Parks said about his recovery. "I'm doing great and I'm way better than what I was in high school. Gaining speed and working with a great defensive back trainer."

Prior to hearing about Antonio's injury, he was my pick to be the biggest impact freshman of the 2015 recruiting class. His athleticism is off the charts and he will be ready to compete for a starting job in the fall.

"I'm going to come in and lock guys down, you can bet that."