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Arizona Football Recruiting Roundup

Catch up on all the potential recruits Arizona could be landing

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats don't have a whole lot of room left in this recruiting class, with room to land about three, maybe four more recruits for 2016. Here's a breakdown of Arizona's remaining targets and where they might be leaning in their recruiting process.

N'Keal Harry, 4-star receiver

N'Keal Harry, the state's number one recruit, might have more of an attraction to Arizona than most would think. At 6-4 210lbs, he naturally emulates shades of Cayleb Jones. I don't think that Harry actually ends up at Arizona, just because I highly doubt a receiver of his caliber would stay in the state of Arizona. I think he's likely ending up at Texas A&M. His girlfriend does attend Arizona and is on the track team, so that's something to keep in mind as well.

Matthew Gutwald, 3-star offensive guard

Matthew Gutwald is one who I think Arizona still has a strong chance of landing. He's just coming off an official visit to Notre Dame, which is a school who has been showing a lot of interest. When I last spoke to him in July, he said that Arizona was his leader, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Notre Dame emerge. He claims that early playing time is a big factor in his decision, and Arizona can give him just that. Stanford and Oklahoma also seem to be in the mix, and those schools seem to be trending in opposite directions of each other right now.

Lorenzo Burns, 3-star cornerback

Lorenzo Burns took an unofficial visit to Arizona a few weeks ago, and appeared to enjoy his visit. I think Arizona has a very solid chance at landing him, but Utah seems to be heavily in the mix as well. When I spoke to him, I didn't get a strong indication of which way he was leaning, but I like Arizona's chances here.

Elijah Battle, 2-star cornerback

Elijah Battle was someone who I felt was on the brink of committing at the end of the summer, but he's been picking up some interest from UCF, UNLV and West Virginia, which could cause a delay in his recruitment. He's someone who I think that could end up at Arizona, but it's definitely not as likely as it was before.

Craig Watts, 4-star safety

Craig Watts seemed to be a name that kept coming up, but he recently named Wisconsin his leader and I would be very surprised to see him in Tucson. Unsure if he is planning to take a visit to Arizona, but he seems to be all in on Wisconsin right now.

Eric Burrell, 4-star safety

Another 2016 safety in Eric Burrell here, and he'll be taking an official visit to Arizona sometime later this fall, and that should be where Arizona makes up some ground. Hailing from Maryland, his only school west of the Mississippi is Arizona, which is a good sign. He noted that he enjoys the pace of the Pac-12 as well. Duke seems to be his favorite, with a mix of Wisconsin, but I think his campus visit could put Arizona back in the mix.

Brandon Burton, 4-star safety/receiver

Khalil Tate's teammate doesn't seem like so much of an option for Arizona anymore. He still has interest, and plans to come anytime Tate makes his way to Tucson, but Burton just has too many great offers to turn down, including Florida State, who I think might be the leader for his services. Of course, with Khalil Tate as his quarterback, it seems like the perfect fit, but I think he's headed onto better things that Arizona just can't compete with, yet.

Then there's the trio of the LSU/Arizona Western boys, all on the defensive side of the ball.

Travonte Valentine, 4-star defensive tackle and Trey Lealaimatafao, 3-star defensive tackle

Two defensive linemen; 6-3 325lb defensive tackle in Travonte Valentine, the nation's No. 1 ranked junior college recruit and Trey Lealaimatafao, 6-0 300lb 3-star defensive tackle. I think with the Arizona Western connection made by Paul Magloire, the lack of immediate depth on the defensive line, along with the rising program, I would like to think that Arizona lands at least one of these two.

Now, Arizona currently has three defensive tackle commits for 2016, Markell Utsey, Justin Holt and Jabari Watson, but none seem to be immediate impact players for Arizona, which is where Valentine or Lealaimatafao could come in.

Clifton Garrett, 3-star linebacker

The last AWC player of interest is a linebacker, 6-2 242lb Clifton Garrett. He was once ranked as the No. 2 outside linebacker in the nation, and No. 28 recruit in the class of 2012. Although Scooby is now battling injury, I would still think he leaves after this year, which gives Garrett the opportunity to takeover. There hasn't been any solid read on any of the AWC talents, but I would think Arizona has a decent chance for at least two, and Garrett could be one.

AJ Hotchkins, 3-star linebacker

But there is one linebacker who I strongly believe will come to Arizona. AJ Hotchkins, the No. 2 ranked junior college linebacker in the nation, hasn't had a whole lot going on in his recruiting process. But Arizona is by far his best offer and I think it's a system he could excel in. He is coming off of a trip to Wazzu, who was his first offer in his recruitment process.

Josh Allen, 4-star defensive end

Josh Allen, one of Arizona's 4-star defensive line commits, picked up an offer from Alabama this week. He had told me that he will be enrolling early this spring, and will not play at Long Beach CC this season, giving him three years of eligibility. It is scary to think of an Arizona recruit picking up prestigious offers, especially SEC powers such as Alabama, but I think Allen is committed to Arizona, and his future teammates.