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Arizona football recruiting: Rhett Rodriguez commits to Wildcats

Rich's son is coming to Arizona

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats landed a 2017 quarterback prospect on Saturday night, and one that you're probably familiar with.

It's Rich Rodriguez' son.

Rhett Rodriguez, a 2017 QB at Catalina Foothills, has accepted a scholarship offer and will play under his father at Arizona.

This will fuel talk on how this plays into RichRod's future at Arizona. It looks good on the surface, but obviously doesn't make it a lock.

Rhett's addition certainly adds depth, and will bring in a brain that knows the system inside and out. In 2017, the Wildcats are looking at the possibility of Anu Solomon, Brandon Dawkins, Khalil Tate, Braxton Burmeister, and Rhett Rodriguez all being on the roster.

If anything, it's just a cool story, and will be fun to see Rhett go from the boy holding the towels to helping give the play signals and potentially play a role on the team.