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Arizona football recruiting: Official visits for this weekend

Another day, another recruiting roundup

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The Arizona Wildcats have quite a few visitors on campus this weekend. For now, Arizona seems to be in good shape for all of the targets, as most of have them have narrowed their list down and are coming up on their February 3rd decision date. The Wildcats currently have 13 commits for this class, and will have less than two weeks to fill up the remaining 12 or so spots.

This new coaching staff has been able to make great strides on the recruiting trail and I think that Arizona fans will be pleased with the way this all shakes out. If you missed my last recruiting roundup, check it out here.

3-star linebacker Kaelin Himphill on campus

There seems to be quite a bit of drama in Himphill's recruitment, which only benefits Arizona. Oregon State, who I thought to be the leader of his recruitment, essentially parted ways with Himphill. They needed to know if he was going to commit before pursuing other guys. Himphill insisted that he needed more time, but the staff was not about that. Now, he'll move onto his remaining top four, which includes: Arizona, Utah, Utah State and SDSU, with the Pac-12 schools definitely leading.

He's on campus this weekend for an official visit. I'll have more on him early next week once I speak with him after he completes his visit.

2-star safety Jarrius Wallace arrives to Tucson

Arizona will have another Louisiana product on campus this weekend, with 2-star safety Jarrius Wallace. It was reported that he is down to Colorado and Arizona. From what I know, and given the lower-tier ranking for Wallace, and the potential safeties that Arizona could be bringing in with this class, I would think he picks Colorado.

4-star safety Chacho Ulloa makes official visit

He is a former Stanford commit, and things have gotten pretty hot, pretty quickly. He had an in-home visit with both Oregon and Arizona this week, both of which seem to be among the leaders in his recruitment. He'll be on campus this weekend for an official visit.

Kwesi Mashack tips off secret commit

Kwesi Mashack has been tweeting about a certain recruit for quite some time now, and I have yet to confirm who this could be. My initial guesses would be either Terrell Burgess or Lorenzo Burns, but that's complete speculation. Whoever it is, they seem to have already committed and will be waiting to announce their commitment on their own. With that in mind, Arizona would move up to 14 commits in this class, needing to fill 11 spots by Febrary 3rd.

Dez Fitzpatrick keeps Arizona in his top four

I find this a bit odd for Arizona to be in the top four here. He had originally planned to schedule an official visit to Arizona last weekend. One thing led to another, and he canceled his visit and went to Missississippi State instead. Now, Arizona comes back into the picture, and he'll liklely be heading out soon.

He's had in-home visits with Indiana and Nebraska since the new year and that's about all I know about his top four. He's kept his recruitment pretty low key. You'd have to imagine that being the most high-powered offense of those four, with some good weather as well, Arizona has a few things going their way. He'll be making his decision on February 1st.

Josiah Sa'o a frequent name in the recruiting room

From what I have heard, Josiah's name is coming up frequently when the staff talks about their remaining board. I did a piece on him earlier in the year, and how his recruitment process with Arizona has blown up. Right now, with an almost entirely new coaching staff coming from outside of Arizona, they're pulling for their own guys that they want to pursue. Josiah is being backed by a few members of the staff, and good things could come, especially with the recent decommitment of Jake Burton.

Josiah Sa'o is the definition of an OKG and I think after watching his film in the link above, most fans would want to see this kid in an Arizona jersey.

Donté Williams bringing back the Desert Swarm

I absolutely love what Coach Williams has done in his short time at Arizona so far. He has been on the road non-stop and he's determined to bring back the Desert Swarm defense. When guys start talking about why they chose Arizona, they're going to be pointing to this guy.

A preview of this weekends recruiting information

This is also a great breakdown by Matt Moreno and Jordyn Owen of