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Arizona football recruiting: Josiah Sa'o hopeful for Arizona offer

Arizona could be onto one of the best-kept secrets

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With only a month until signing day, there's only so much time that the Arizona Wildcats coaching staff has to watch film on recruits and offer them. While we've kept our eye on some of the more common names that have come up in the recruiting headlines, there's one recruit that the staff has recently discovered.

Josiah Sa'o is a 6-2 295lb defensive end and offensive tackle out of Kearny High School (San Diego, Calif.). The Arizona coaches seem to be enamored by his film and for good reason. His senior highlights are below.

I'm going to start with this. I've only been doing this whole recruiting thing for about two years now, but I feel like I've watched a considerable amount of highlights, ranging from Arizona targets to some of the top prospects in the nation. Never have I seen someone play this relentless, angry and ruthless through their entire highlight reel. I'm a big fan of his game and this to me is the definition of an OKG. High motor, energy, and love for the game, and it shows in his film.

At Kearny High School, Sa'o had a relatively new and young coaching staff that wasn't too sure how to jumpstart his recruiting process. His family insisted that he leave for another school in order to attract more Division I attention, but Sa'o wanted to stay at Kearny, wanting to play with his childhood friends and keep the family tradition of Kearny football alive.

His family has been sending his film to any and all college coaches, creating a super late push for recruiting. But his recruitment is now starting to blow up and schools are starting to take notice. He currently holds offers to UC-Davis, Cal Poly, Duquesne, South Dakota and New Hampshire, among others. He's garnering the interest of Army, Navy, Oregon State, Portland, UNLV and even Ole Miss, with Arizona and Ole Miss showing the most interest. The problem with Ole Miss is that they want him to gray shirt if a scholarship does not become available, delaying his enrollment for school, which is something he would rather avoid if possible. On January 9th, he'll be playing in the Polynesian All-American Bowl.

Sa'o has quite an interesting story and from the information I've gathered from his family, I think this is a guy that Arizona is really going to pursue and will do whatever they can to offer him before signing day. One member of the coaching staff is actively pushing for him, and apparently Rich Rodriguez has even taken notice of his talents and watched his highlights.

He went to a few satellite camps this summer, including Michigan and Arizona. In those camps, he went up against Jake Burton, current Arizona commit, and Jabari Watson, former Arizona commit. You can find his single game highlights, as well as those satellite highlights here. Here are some highlights of his team in the playoffs, which are just as epic as the ones above.

This is a guy who I think the coaching staff is 100% serious about landing. Sa'o's recruitment is starting to blow up, and from what I've gathered, this is a name to watch out for, as the staff will try to do what they can to get him into the program. One of his older brothers graduated from Arizona in 2010, which gave him the desire to one day play for Arizona, continuing a heavy Polynesian tradition. This is a super interesting story, and I'm very curious to see where his recruitment goes from here.