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Arizona football recruiting: Remaining targets for National Signing Day

Taking a look at what's in store for Arizona

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports
National Signing Day is upon us and there are quite a few remaining prospects for the Arizona Wildcats. To no surprise, they're all on the defensive side of the ball. Although, there are very few options remaining on the defensive line, which is likely one of the more critical positions, especially after Sharif Williams' decision to medically retire.

There are a lot of safeties in the mix and plenty of linebackers. I realistically see Arizona landing about six guys and a few of them will be be considered surprises when you consider where these prospects stood prior to the big coaching changes. Below I've also kept a list of the walk-ons that have committed to Arizona.

Remaining targets

Lamar Jackson, 4-star safety

It looks like Arizona, Arizona State and Nebraska are his finalists, with Nebraska taking an overwhelming lead. I spoke with someone from the Cornhusker region and they believe Jackson is safe. It would have been interesting if this new defensive staff would have been able to make a push for him earlier, but it seemed as if this was just too little, too late.

Josh Allen, 3-star defensive end

Josh Allen's recruiting process has been a rollercoaster ride. By his latest Instagram post, it seems as if Arizona, LSU, Texas A&M and UCLA are in his final four and I would predict that it's really down to Arizona and UCLA, given the fact that the two SEC offers came within the last week and that's a pretty quick turnaround. But crazier things have happened in his recruitment.

Paul Magloire was his host during his official visit earlier this month and the two have a strong connection, both coming from the junior college ranks. Along with the motivational support the staff has brought, I think he ends up with Arizona once again. UCLA also had a few defensive ends in this class to go along with their other ends they've brought in the past few years, which also helps his case to start immediately for the Wildcats, a big factor in his decision.

Brandon Burton, 4-star safety

This was an odd recruitment because Arizona wasn't in his top six, but reappeared in his top four, along with UCLA, USC and Florida State. A couple of months ago I was thinking Florida State because of a few key relationships with his biological father and quarterback commit Malik Henry. But now all signs point to UCLA. Although it wouldn't surprise me if he does pick Arizona somehow, but that's an extreme long shot, and I'll stick with UCLA. He will be deciding at 10 PM MT Tuesday on the Scott Van Pelt Sportscenter

Chacho Ulloa, 4-star safety

This safety, Chacho Ulloa, should be a lock for Arizona. He has said that Arizona is the leader in his recruitment and it seems like Oregon is the next man up. Arizona missed out on Clifford Chattman a few weeks ago (Florida State), but they'll be getting a good one here, one that was once committed to Stanford.

Calvin Bundage, 3-star outside linebacker

A few months ago I would have thought that Oklahoma was the pick, without a doubt. But things seem to have changed over the last few months. The Sooners have landed quite a few top linebackers, including Kapri Doucet and Emmanuel Beal, both Arizona targets. Since then I really stopped following his recruitment.

This recruitment, for me, came out of nowhere after he tweeted this image on Monday night. For now, I'm going to guess Oregon, but Arizona is an extremely realistic possibility and I think that Arizona is right there for his services. A reminder: His older brother Cayman played at Arizona, and the two have a great relationship.

Victor Viramontes, 3-star athlete

Another interesting prospect here who Arizona got a hold of super late in the recruiting process. Once a Michigan commit, he opened up his process late last December. It seems to be down to Arizona, California, Utah and Michigan still, just coming off his official visit to Tucson this past weekend. California is recruiting him as a quarterback and I believe that is his preferred position and place as of now.

Jalen Cochran, 3-star linebacker

A huge linebacker here for Arizona, checking in at 6-4 235lbs. Arizona offered him last week and got him on campus just a few days later. It's down to Iowa State, Michigan State and Arizona and I plan on talking to him by Tuesday evening. Michigan State just offered him on February 1st and the 247 Cyrstal Ball already has two predictions for the Spartans. I'm not completely sold on the prediction system, but I'm not sure Arizona gets the commitment.

Troy Cassidy, 3-star linebacker

I've never been in contact with Cassidy, which makes this pretty hard to give any sort of analysis on him. San Diego State and Arizona seem to be the top two here and that's about all I know here. Sorry, sports fans.

Lorenzo Burns, 3-star corner

Down to Arizona and Colorado and I'd be shocked if he picked the Buffaloes, for many reasons.

Josiah Sa'o, 3-star defensive tackle

It was great working with the Sa'o family throughout his recruitment process and I've been in constant communication with his family through it all. He has a tough decision ahead with Vanderbilt and Arizona on the table, but talking to the family, Vanderbilt gets the nod due to their tenacity in his recruitment and belief in his skills.

Kaelin Himphill, 3-star linebacker

I'm not sure where Himphill stands with a few of his schools. Oregon State gave him an ultimatum to commit now or never and essentially pulled their offer. Utah and Arizona have been going after linebackers left and right. Utah State and California seem to be his remaining options and I would think he picks the Golden Bears.

Guys who recently committed elsewhere

There are quite a few guys who committed elsewhere over Arizona, but these are guys who I felt that Arizona didn't have a strong chance anyways.

Dez Fitzpatrick, 4-star receiver

Most thought he was going to Nebraska, including myself, but ended up committing to Louisville once again, in a Bleacher Report video. Arizona was in his final four which also included Indiana.

TaDarryl Marshall, 3-star athlete

Kind of an odd commitment here. His final three were Kentucky, Illinois and Arizona. He canceled his Illinois visit for a Southern Alabama trip this past weekend and ended up committing to Samford late Monday night.

Mike Daniels, 3-star defensive back

A JUCO product out of New York. I was in close communication with some recruiting folks up at West Virginia and this is one that Arizona really had no chance in. He even canceled his Arizona visit from this weekend to go to Arizona State. On Tuesday morning, he committed to West Virginia.

Kee Whetzel, 3-star receiver

Kind of a shock here, picking Oregon State while on his visit to Corvallis. I would have thought UCF for sure, with Arizona having a fairly decent, outside shot.

Walk-on commitments

Donald Reiter, long snapper

Josh McCauley, center

Jalen Jenkins, strong safety

Justus Lee, wide receiver/strong safety