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Arizona basketball recruiting: It hasn't made any sense, but it has worked

Sean Miller's 2016 basketball recruitment process can best be described as: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Meredith Perri - MassLive

Has anyone thought about how absolutely wacky this 2016 class is/was for the Arizona Wildcats?

First, we had a top 20 player commit early, then not be selected by Sean Miller, the coach of the USA U-19 team, and then decommit (probably for not making the team) and end up at UCLA.

Next, we had a guy from Finland, who no one had really ever heard of, visit and commit in the fall. At that point, U of A fans were like, ‘we have one guy when Kentucky and Duke have 4 or more....Worst Miller class ever!!'

*Group freak out ensues*

Flash forward to January, we somehow land Kobi Simmons who at one point knocked us out of his final list before adding us back in and then committed without ever visiting campus.

*Cool two five-star players. Class is getting better. High-fives all around.*

Then Kobi Simmons becomes the "top" recruiter on the staff, giving a huge shout out to Rawle Alkins who again was never really known to those in Tucson. And less than two months after Simmons commits, Alkins also commits - even though he saw U of A lose for the first time at home in years. Weird right?

*Okay, now we have three five-star players, class is looking more Arizona like*

All eyes go to Josh Jackson because we've been recruiting him for oh 750 hours at this point. But also happening in the recruiting world is Terrance Ferguson decommitting from Alabama. But surely we can't land him....

Terrance Ferguson visits Arizona and everyone thinks he's going to commit right away.


He bides his time, even saying he'll go visit Baylor, Kansas, and even UNC.

*People start to think Roy Williams has worked his magic again...U of A fans start to worry*

Josh Jackson then commits to Kansas over Arizona and Michigan State and everyone has a different reason for why he did it.

But wait, Terrance Ferguson says, hey guys, actually not taking those visits, committing ASAP.

Ferguson then commits to Arizona.

*Wow. We have four five-star players. This might be the greatest recruiting class in U of A history.*

*Wait, hold on, what's happening with Rawle Alkins? Did he forget to buy his fax machine?*

Making this even weirder, for whatever reason, Alkins took six days to get his Letter of Intent into the Arizona coaching staff. But the LOI is in and we can all get back to reality. (Or freak out about Ferguson not having his LOI in? Sounds good to me!)

Even better, the recruiting season isn't even done because Miller has said he's going to try to add between six and seven people to this class.

Where's Frog n Firkin and their endless supply of hops when you need it?

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