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Arizona basketball recruiting: Scout's final rankings have four Wildcats in top 32

The 2016 class could be remembered for a long time.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Scout recruiting released their final rankings for the 2016 class, and the Arizona Wildcats, as expected, had a strong presence.

While Arizona did not have anyone in the top 10 -€” or top 15 for that matter -€” they had Terrance Ferguson at 16, Rawle Alkins at 23, Lauri Markkanen at 27*, and lastly Kobi Simmons at 32.

* Markkanen isn't technically ranked but he'd land at 27 if he wasn't an international player.

You may also realize that with Simmons coming in at 32, the Wildcats can no longer boast the claim of ‘four five-star' recruits for this class. Don't be disappointed. No school in the nation achieved that feat.

This is still Sean Miller's most impressive class and it came together in one of the most improbable ways imaginable. The diverse talents€” and gaudy athleticism each of these young men will bring to the team will be something fans in Tucson haven't seen in years.

While their bios may say "guard", Ferguson, Alkins, and Simmons have the ability to morph into much more than a traditional college "guard". Their size, quickness, and ball handling ability will have Sean Miller salivating once the team comes together this summer.

First, Ferguson brings a 3-and-D skillset that could bring back memories of Salim Stoudamire on offense and Nick Johnson on defense. At 6-foot-7, he'll have no problem shooting over shorter players and blowing by bigger ones, while still having the quickness to stay with prototypical guards on the other end.

Alkins will bring a physical style of play that was sorely missed last season. He could also be someone that sees time in the post versus a smaller guard or on the wing taking someone off the dribble. Plus, he can dunk over two players, so make sure you get your Red and Blue tickets ASAP to see him in the dunk contest.

Markkanen could end up being the biggest steal of the class and the most important player.  With his shooting ability, opposing big men will have to stay with him when he's on the perimeter, leaving the rim unprotected for the Arizona guards to penetrate towards, or give wings coming off screens an easy opportunity at the basket.

Lastly, Simmons, another tall guard at 6-foot-5 with an even longer wingspan, will cause havoc on defense by shutting down passing lanes. On offense, he'll be able to post up opposing point guards if Miller wants to go that route. Additionally, he will use his pass-first mentality and speed to break down defenses, giving the plethora of talented wings and the sharpshooting Markkanen plenty of three point opportunities.

In their current team rankings, U of A is fourth overall behind No. 1 Kentucky, No. 2  Duke, No. 3 Michigan State, and ahead of No. 5 UCLA. In all, the ACC leads with three teams in the top 10 with the Pac-12 and SEC having two each.

This is Arizona's sixth-straight year finding themselves in Scout's Top 5 Team Ranking.

With the 2017 Final Four in Glendale, AZ and U of A's Final Four-less streak entering its 16th season, expectations will be at levels rarely seen outside of Lexington, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Lawrence.

Luckily, Miller has a team that can not only live up to those expectations but reach for ones even higher.