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Arizona football recruiting: Malik Hausman talks commitment, Wildcats offer 4-star CB Jaylon Redd and Jarrius Wallace academics

Just a little round up of the latest in Arizona football including new offers, Malik Hausman's commitment, Jarrius Wallace's academics and more!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Everyday there's a new flurry of Arizona Wildcats football recruiting news and Monday was no exception. We had the commitment of 3-star corner Malik Hausman, making it 18 commitments thus far for the 2017 recruiting class.

Here's what he had to say about his commitment.

"Lol yeah I know," he said when I reminded him of his December decision plans. "But I just really loved the coaches and the people down there in AZ. I really felt like I was at home. I feel like it was the place for me. I'm glad to be apart of it. I'm about to bring something special to AZ."

While they've slowed down in the rankings a bit, with the other top ten schools steadily adding 4-star prospects, this is a still a strong class, despite the heavy inflation due to the sheer number of commitments.

There were also some other small tidbits that are worth sharing and I also answer more questions down below.

Incoming 3-star safety Jarrius Wallace is smart

This was just really cool to see. One of Arizona's five incoming safeties boasted an extremely high GPA throughout his four years at high school. I spoke to him during his recruitment process and he said he wanted to major in chemical engineering.

Edgar Burrola picks up Louisville offer

The staff was extremely impressed with Burrola when he attended their camp and offered him on the spot. Maybe the 6-foot-6, 300 pound lineman didn't have much tape and could be seen as a project, but if that's the case it's okay considering the young depth at the position.

Despite that, some folks weren't too impressed with Burrola, especially considering the fact that his in-state schools, Nevada and UNLV, had not offered him. His lone offers were Idaho and Adams State. Well, he just picked up a Louisville offer and while I don't think this one is concerning, I do think there will be more schools that jump in. After all, we have over seven months until National Signing Day. Still, I wouldn't expect Burrola to jump ship with any incoming offer, but if there is a guy on Arizona's commit list to blow up, it's probably him simply because of his size.

Burrola had this to say to me about his Louisville offer: "I'm excited. I'm more motivated to get better. I'm more confident knowing I'm doing something right at these camps. But there's always room to improve."

Arizona offers new 4-star corner Jaylon Redd

Just a couple of hours after the commitment of Hausman, Arizona started going after another talented corner in Jaylon Redd, ranked 24th among all corners in the nation. Out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, he's a speedster checking in at 5-foot-9, 180 pounds. I was able to speak to him briefly about his offer.

"All my communication has been through Coach Donte' (Williams)," he said of his relationship with the staff. "(The offer) felt great because of my relationship with Coach Donte'. I know he knows everything to make me a better player and better man and he's a straight up guy and I like that."

He will try to head to Tucson this fall, and he is already planning to check out Arizona State on July 22nd. This might be something to keep your eye on.

Future commits

This is a hot topic.

Still the guys to keep your eye on: Cody Shear, Maurice Bell, Tucker Robertson, Warren Jackson. Those commitments could be coming sometime soon, but it'll be interesting to see if this is a first come, first serve type of commitment watch. I'm still confident in Isaac Slade-Matautia, Elijah Blades and Bruce Judson. I still feel mildly good about Joseph Lewis as well.

I'd be pretty surprised if Arizona doesn't land Odua Isibor or Jalen Harris. Maybe even My-King Johnson is in that group of in-state defensive ends as well. And then I think we can expect a few surprises down the road with guys that Arizona has yet to offer, or maybe even decommitments from other programs.

Kendal Franklin announces his decision to transfer

I really liked Kendal Franklin and thought he had a lot of potential in the new hybrid linebacker/defensive end spot. With a solid 6-foot-1, 230 pound frame as a redshirt freshman, he seemed to have a lot of potential and most folks I've talked to are pretty bummed to see him have to leave the program. I spoke with him at media day and he was a great kid. He was happy with the new coaching changes and scheme, going back and forth with Kahi Neves this spring for that second string spot behind DeAndre' Miller.

But Franklin seemed to have a hard time staying healthy as well, constantly wearing the yellow practice jersey and climbing up and down the stadium stairs. However, he did suit up a couple of times and even traveled with the team to Washington. That was likely due to the lack of depth, but also the potential the staff saw in him.

It's a little disheartening when people assume he's transferring because he couldn't make it or say it's not a big loss when neither are the case. He still had four years to go in the system and Arizona needs the bodies on defense. This is now the third member of the 2015 class to go down, including Timmy Hamilton, who made it through about a week of fall camp, and then Darrell Clark, who never even made it on campus.

Readers' Questions

I've read that he has family ties to USC somewhere down the line. If they don't manage to land him then I would say Arizona State is next in line perhaps. If he had a top five I'm not sure Arizona would be in there.

So there's been a big change in recruiting this offseason and that's come with the coaching changes and their new territories. Jahmile Addae has had a huge emphasis on Florida and Nevada. Donte' Williams has extremely deep ties in the Los Angeles area. Chris Singletary is able to delve back into Michigan. Calvin Magee is still recruiting in the Louisiana area and now Texas has become a new state of intrigue, which is a place that Mike Stoops had done pretty well in. The Pacific Northwest is good for a lot of offensive linemen under Jim MIchalczik's watch and Miguel Reveles has been a huge influence on the Inland Empire guys.

The talent pool in the state of Arizona has also risen dramatically over the past few years, so combining all of these states, Arizona will have a lot more options as they continue to build relationships with recruits and coaches in the area. They've tapped into some big time programs including Bishop Gorman, IMG Academy, Long Beach Poly and Mater Dei.

It was a very odd coincidence having Rhedi Short decommit from UCLA just 12 hours after his visit to Arizona. He also had an Oregon visit the week before that and I feel like they've been the leaders since then. I have the Ducks in my Crystal Ball prediction, but it should be noticed that Justin Hopkins of 247Sports has put his pick in for Arizona and he's one of the best on the west coast. Short's decision date is set for early July.

This is a tough one. He really enjoyed his Michigan visit but they're in position to land multiple top 100 receivers in this class. Whether they've made him a priority, I'm unsure. I don't see Colorado as a threat, but I could see Washington State's offense being a big factor. As for Iowa, he for whatever reason loved it up there but I felt like he would have committed already. Instead, he opted to keep his top five list. For now, I have Arizona in my Crystal Ball, but I would not be shocked to see him head elsewhere.