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Shareef O’Neal, Brandon Williams fall in 247Sports’ rankings

O’Neal apparently feels disrespected

Photo via @SSJReef on Twitter

On Thursday, 247Sports updated its prospect rankings for the 2018 recruiting class, and Arizona Wildcats signees Shareef O’Neal and Brandon Williams each dropped two spots.

O’Neal, a four-star forward, now ranks 46th. Williams, a five-star point guard, now ranks 22nd.

Perhaps this was O’Neal’s reaction to his new ranking?

O’Neal suffered a concussion on Nov. 28 after taking a hard fall, and the injury sidelined for him a few weeks, possibly a reason why he was lowered in the rankings.

The concussion may have set O’Neal back, but he has returned is already dunking on folks again.

Williams, who missed his entire junior season after undergoing knee surgery, has had a strong return to the court, averaging 17.2 points per game while on a minute restriction.

Arizona head coach Sean Miller noted last month that while Williams had knee surgery, it was not because of an injury.

“That’s important to note,” he said. “He had more of a genetic thing with his leg that he was able to get fixed. To his family’s credit, he did at a time which is very smart. And he missed a lot of action. He wasn’t on the circuit this spring or summer.”

Miller said Williams has McDonald’s All-American talent.

“What we love the most about him is he can score and be a playmaker,” he said. “Great off the dribble, physically strong, can shoot the 3-point shot. The way the game has changed where you put different guards out there at the same time and don’t worry about what position they are, Brandon can be on the court with anybody and we look for him to come in and make an immediate impact.”

Miller called O’Neal a versatile forward.

“Very skilled, can shoot the 3-point shot. I believe as he continues to develop, he’ll be able to go both inside and outside,” he said. “It’s that hybrid forward, the versatile big wing, that has thrived in our program and I believe in time Shareef will be the same thing.”

O’Neal and Williams are Arizona’s only two signees. Together they form what is the No. 33 class in the country.

However, both signed non-binding financial aid paperwork so they can still opt out of their commitments if they so choose.

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