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2018 3-star OL David Watson signs with Arizona

Get to know the local legacy lineman

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats secured a big future piece to their offensive line Wednesday, signing three-star offensive tackle David Watson.

He will be enrolling early in January.

Here is some info on the future Wildcat, whose father, also named David Watson, played for Arizona in the 1990s.

Height/Weight: 6-foot-6, 290 pounds

High School: Amphitheater High School

Hometown: Wilmington, California

247Sports Ranking: National - 1,308th; Position - 118th

My Thoughts: Watson is a really nice individual but man is he a monster on the field. He is a powerful human being who obliterates his opponents. He is another athletic, quick offensive lineman, shown when he scored a rushing touchdown this season. He does have good technique but will need to rely on that more than his raw strength at the next level.

Senior Clips:

Thoughts on becoming a Wildcat: “I’m just really looking forward to getting there in less than a month!”

Favorite Food: “Carne asada burros. I grew up on that stuff being from Mexican heritage.”

Favorite Music Artist: “That’s tough. My favorite band is probably the Transplants.”

Favorite Sports Team/Pro Athlete: “My favorite NFL team has always been the Patriots. My favorite pro athlete was Matt Light, a retired Patriot.”

Hobby/Hobbies: “Other than playing almost every sport that my school has to offer, I skate a lot and go off-roading.”

Major: “I’m leaning towards a business degree.”