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Rhett Rodriguez to Arizona: Rich’s son and three-star quarterback signs with Wildcats

Now we wait and see what exactly Rhett’s role will be on this team

Rhett Rodriguez after a playoff win at Catalina Foothills in 2016
Jason Bartel

With the late decommitment from Braxton Burmeister, the Arizona Wildcats’ quarterback situation in this 2017 recruiting class got a lot more interesting.

For now, we know that Rich Rodriguez’s son, Rhett Rodriguez, is staying in Tucson, and will play under his dad.

Rhett is a three-star quarterback that played at local Catalina Foothills, starting all four years he was in high school, something that CatFoot head coach Jeff Scurran hadn’t seen before. Rhett’s command of the offense was astonishing, which helped get the Falcons all the way to the State Championship Game in 2016.

You’d think that Scurran and RichRod would talk a lot of football given Rich’s desire to see his son succeed, but the two coaches actually have a relationship that doesn’t involve very much football talk at all.

“We talk all the time,” Scurran explained to us. “And there’s three things we never talk about, ever: U of A football, Falcon football, and Rhett as a quarterback. And that takes a lot for a guy in (Rich’s) position. I’m sure I could learn a lot, but he’s just there supporting.”

But Rhett and his dad constantly talk football, which is what makes this situation more interesting than most. The younger Rodriguez will clearly know the system when he arrives on campus, but will his skill level allow him to play at the D-1 level?

Also, will there be more pressure?

“Of course,” Rhett answered when asked if there’s pressure because of his last name. “But to me, it’s a blessing. I don’t look at any negatives. Sure, I’ll be scrutinized a little more. Sure, there’s a little more pressure on me. But the advantages I have, to have an offensive genius, a football genius, at home eating dinner with me, it’s clearly an advantage. I think it’s been a major key for me in football.”

RhettRod finished his senior year with 30 passing TDs and 13 rushing scores. He was 140/220 through the air for 2,887 yards. He also picked up 486 yards on 112 carries. In his junior year, he actually had three games where he picked up at least 100 yards on the ground.

Certainly the father-son dynamic will be an interesting one to watch, and how both Rich and Rhett handle that when fall practice starts. But one thing’s for sure, Rhett’s probably better than you think he is, and it wouldn’t be surprising to get some snaps if Brandon Dawkins and Khalil Tate struggle or inevitably have to deal with some type of injury.