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Kurtis Brown to Arizona: Three-star defensive tackle signs with the Wildcats

Arizona adds size on the defensive line?! Are we allowed to do that?

Student Sports

Looking to add size on the defensive line, the Arizona Wildcats signed Kurtis Brown, a 260 pound defensive tackle out of Liberty High School in Bakersfield, California. Brown also held offers to Washington State and Oregon State, but ultimately chose the Wildcats.

Brown’s size, in particular, will be crucial for the Wildcats in the coming years. Brown is already bigger than some of the Wildcats’ starters on the defensive line (Parker Zellers and Justin Belknap are both only listed at 247 pounds), and you can expect that he’ll put on even more size once he makes it to campus. That size — something the Wildcats have struggled to recruit at times — gives Arizona a different dimension in the coming years. He will also, regrettably, be the subject of at least one two seven Kurtis Blow jokes over his time at Arizona, and for that I apologize.

Unfortunately, Brown’s senior year was cut short as he tore his meniscus in the middle of his high school season, but those are the breaks. By the time he makes it to campus, he should be 100% and ready to contribute. While he’s recovering, though, check out his highlights from his 2014 season: