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Arizona basketball recruiting update: Brian Bowen down to two schools, Trevon Duval on final official visit

Arizona is still in the mix for a few 2017 prospects

Kelly Kline/Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats’ 2018 class may have gotten underway on Thursday with the commitment of Emmanuel Akot, but the 2017 class is still breathing signs of life.

Javier Morales of caught up with Josh Gershon of to chat about the Akot commitment and it unsurprisingly transitioned to Brian Bowen, Tucson’s favorite ‘is this the week he’ll commit?’ recruit.

While the topic was unsurprising, Gershon raised some eyebrows by saying the recruitment for the five-star forward was down to Arizona and Creighton.

“I think he's close to a decision. I think it’s Arizona and Creighton,” Gershon said. “I think Arizona’s in a good spot. When a kid is waiting this late, he’s probably looking at rosters.

“Arizona’s done the best job with him.”

This would be a major break from what many have believed — that Michigan State was a major player and a likely destination spot for him. This can be seen in the fact that Bowen’s Crystal Ball on 247Sports is still 67 percent to Michigan State and only 37 percent to Arizona.

However, of the last 10 predictions, seven of them have been to U of A. #Momentum or something like that, right?

For a decision date, we’re probably looking at April once Arizona’s roster situation clears up a bit. Mark Arizona down as my prediction as of today.

Brandon McCoy Update

I guess the update is that there really isn’t much of an update. This is a very quiet recruitment though McCoy chatted with Evan Daniels of Scout in the middle of February.

The five-star forward said he’s looking to make a decision at the end of his high school season. Right now McCoy has a final list of Arizona, Michigan State, Oregon, San Diego State, and UNLV.

I’ve been hearing Oregon is the leader for him, though Brad Allis of Wildcat Sports Report mentioned that Michigan State has made him a priority in recent days.

Personally, I don’t think UA is going to make the cut when it comes down to it.

Trevon Duval on last official visit

The top-rated point guard is at Seton Hall this week for his last official visit. After watching Arizona vs. UCLA, he jetted off to check out Baylor.

Daniels wrote last week, “Trying to handicap and gather intel on Duval's recruitment is difficult, so if you're looking for a favorite just throw Arizona, Duke, and Kansas in a hat and pick one.”

For Arizona fans thinking Duke had this one wrapped up, this is surely good news. It wouldn’t surprise me if this, like Bowen’s, went into the middle of April.

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