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Charles Barkley doesn’t want Shaq coming to his Arizona house to watch Shareef O’Neal

No O’Neal parties happening at the Barkley household anytime soon.


Not too long ago, the Arizona Wildcats landed a high-profile 2018 basketball recruit in the form of Shareef O’Neal, who happens to be the son of Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal.

Shaq works with noted Arizona resident Charles Barkley with Turner. TMZ Sports ran into Chuck in New York to ask him about Shareef committing to Arizona.

“I’m proud of Shareef, I’m proud of Shaq,” Barkley said. “Arizona’s a great school, I live there.”

Even though Barkley lives somewhat near Tucson (really Scottsdale), he’s not going to like it if Shaq tries to invite himself over to the house when he’s out visiting Shareef.

“The only problem with it though is his fat ass is probably gonna want to stay at my house all the time now,” Barkley quipped. “That’s the only negative about his kid coming to Arizona.”

“I just want to make it clear: Shaq, you can’t get your fat ass in my house.”

Anyways, if Shaq needs a place to stay in Tucson, we’ll be more than happy to help him out.