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Arizona basketball recruiting: Marvin Bagley III wants to reclassify to 2017, per CBS Sports

But it might not be feasible

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The most noteworthy news out of Nike Peach Jam last week was Marvin Bagley III and his family pursuing avenues to have the forward skip his senior year of high school and reclassify to 2017 in order to be eligible for the 2018 NBA Draft.

This was first mentioned by Jerry Meyer of 247 Sports and then CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish confirmed it on his CBS Sports Eye on College Basketball Podcast on Monday.

Parrish said the topic of Bagley’s reclassification isn’t shocking. It’s been out there “for a long, long time” and if it hadn’t been for Meyer’s original report, the news might have stayed quiet because no one had been asking about it lately.

But according to Parrish, Bagley’s desire to reclassify is real. Here is what Parrish said on his podcast:

“It was made pretty clear to me that these conversations [about reclassification] are happening.

“Whether it will get gone is still undetermined, but is it possible academically? I’m told yes. And is it something Marvin Bagley and his family want to do, I’m told yes.

“The answer is yes, of course they are reclassifying. The easy answer is no (in response to the CBS Sports report). It’s a non-denial.

“The fact that he wouldn’t say ‘no’ here means that report is the report… it’s true.

“Subsequent to me reporting this Friday afternoon, I’ve talked to more people involved, who say absolutely, ‘Here is what he is doing now to try to do it. Here is who he his meeting with. Yes, he is academically possible. This is what he wants to do.’”

While Bagley is academically eligible, per Parrish, that does not mean it’s an easy or quick process for the NCAA to clear him to reclassify.

Bagley’s high school career has been quite the roller coaster. He has changed schools — states even — and while having the grades is a key part, the NCAA will do a thorough vetting process.

If the NCAA process does take an extended period of time, Bagley could do what Hamidou Diallo did with Kentucky this past season and join a college team halfway through the season. In Bagley’s case, however, he would certainly leave after just a couple months on campus to ready himself for the NBA Draft and his rookie season.

“The larger motivating factor, for him and his family,” said Parrish, “is to graduate early and get eligible for the 2018 NBA Draft.”

With all this said, “just because it’s possible, does not mean it is achievable,” Parrish added.

Bagley is set to take official visits to Duke, USC and Arizona.

If all goes planned, he’ll have those three wrapped up by the end of the first week of August.

Duke is trending in Bagley’s 247Sports Crystal Ball predictions, and if Bagley does reclassify, Arizona and USC would have to find a way to clear a scholarship for him. They are both currently at the 13-scholarship limit for the 2017-18 season.

Duke, meanwhile, has a scholarship available and could accomodate Bagley quite easily.

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