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Mailbag: Answering your Arizona football recruiting questions

NCAA Football: Arizona at California Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

You, the readers, sent us your questions about Arizona Wildcats football recruiting, and we answered them.

Here we go.

From @DaxTrujillo: Will this be the best Arizona class (ranking) ever?

I do think it’s a possibility, but I honestly believe it’ll be just behind the 2014 class, which was 31st nationally, per 247Sports. I do think that the quality of players will be quite impressive, kind of like how the 2017 class was, but a step up.

From @catsSZN: Thoughts on (Michael) Wiley and chances we get (Grant) Gunnell and bring along some of his receivers?

I’ll start with Michael Wiley who gave his pledge to Arizona over the weekend. He might not be the flashiest running back, but he has all the fundamentals that a coach can hone and make him a weapon.

His vision of the field and running lanes is what stands out most to me. It allows him to weave his way through the defense and into the open field. He is able to then to utilize his speed for huge chunk plays. I do think he can also be a solid pass-catching option out of the backfield. Overall I think he is a solid prospect and there is definitely a reason Clarence McKinney prioritized him. (Wiley has already been upgraded to a three-star prospect.)

As for Gunnell, I think something crazy would have to happen for him not to commit to Arizona. And I think Arizona would have a better shot at Elijah Higgins and Jaylen Ellis. Jalen Curry, Gunnell’s teammate, would also give Arizona a more serious look.

I also believe Chase Lane, who is a Texas A&M commit, would give the ‘Cats serious consideration, too.

From @BoCooch: Thoughts on Adam Plant and his academic standing? New blood at DT, Nose Guard? Offensive line depth thoughts?

When it comes to Adam Plant, I believe that he will qualify and make it to campus. I know the issue is being worked, and as of now, I’m not worried about it.

The defensive line looks completely different. It looks more like a Pac-12 defensive line and I can’t remember the last time Arizona’s line has looked like that. With Dereck Boles, Sione Taufahema, PJ Johnson, Mykee Irving, Kurtis Brown, and Finton Connolly, that is a rotation I can get behind. And those are just the interior linemen. I expect more of a pass rush than in recent memory.

The offensive line depth is...kind of there. I don’t think that the group can take too many injuries. It’s the lack of experience that’s probably the biggest obstacle it will have to overcome. The group has talent it just needs to gel.

From @AZ4Duke: Why does the official UofA site not have bios of the coaching staff? It’s non-supportive of recruiting.

I have no idea. Usually the roster, both for players and the coaching staff, gets fully updated during the reporting period right before fall camp. I’d expect the same this year. As for bios, I don’t think it affects recruiting at all. Usually the parents and players know the background of the coaches by building those relationships that are important during the process.

The bios are usually for the fans. (Editor’s note: and for media)

From @jamescasillas: Give us your prediction of the biggest sleepers at every position at Arizona.

Ok, here we go:

Quarterback: Kevin Doyle/Jamarye Joiner

Running Back: Anthony Mariscal/Branden Leon

Wide Receiver: Brian Casteel/Stanley Berryhill

Tight End: Jamie Nunley

Offensive Line: Bryson Cain

Defensive End/Stud: Jalen Harris

Interior Defensive Line: Sione Taufahema

Linebacker: Jacob Colacion/Anthony Pandy

Cornerback: Tony Wallace

Safety: Chacho Ulloa

Special Teams: Lucas Havrisik