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Q&A with 3-star WR Khyheem Waleed, one of Arizona’s top targets

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The talented in-state prospect updates his recruitment and spring progress

Photo via @Kaytosaucy on Twitter

The Arizona Wildcats are looking to add some receivers to the roster for 2019, and at the top of the list is in-state prospect Khyheem Waleed

The 6-foot-3 three-star receiver from Casteel High School (Queen Creek, Arizona), quickly became a priority for the Arizona staff and continues to remain so. I spoke with him earlier this spring about his recruitment and thoughts on the Arizona program.

We recently caught up with Waleed again to discuss the evolution of his recruitment and how his spring has progressed.

(The conversation was lightly edited for clarity.)

AZ Desert Swarm: The last time we talked you were up to five offers. You’ve added quite a few since then. Who have you added?

Khyheem Waleed: I know Michigan State I’ve added. Oregon, Oregon State, Air Force, Yale, ASU, Boise State, SMU, and Vanderbilt. There’s a few more but I don’t know them off the top of my head.

Last time we spoke you mentioned Arizona and Cal as the two recruiting you the hardest and standing out the most. Is that still the case or have any of your new offers started standing out as well?

Waleed: That’s mostly still the case you know. Arizona and Cal still reach out the most and show a lot of love. But Boise State does also. Also Oregon, they show love.

Who came by and saw you at your school during spring besides the schools that have offered you?

Waleed: Stanford, they’re just waiting for my SAT scores and stuff. Texas, UCLA, Rice, and UC Davis were also there.

Who from Arizona came by to see you?

Waleed: Taylor Mazzone and the offensive coordinator, Noel Mazzone.

Last time we spoke you had taken your two visits down to Arizona and you visited Cal. Have you taken any other visits and who else are you looking to visit?

Waleed: We are definitely going to visit Oregon and Oregon State. Also Iowa State and then try to make it out to Vanderbilt.

How was your visit out to Cal?

Waleed: I liked it. It had to be short because my plane ended up getting delayed twice. So we missed the spring game actually. But we were able to still be there for like 4 or 5 hours. So we still got a tour of everything, took pictures, got to meet a lot of the coaches and things like that. I also talked to the head coach (Justin Wilcox). I like the coaching staff. It’s just a great feeling that they really showed love to me. But you know probably going to back up there sometime in June.

How is your relationship with Taylor Mazzone and UofA?

Waleed: It’s going good. We talk almost every day. I [took] a visit there on June 4, and I’m going to go back up there probably a few more times over the summer since they are down the street and it’s not that far.

It seems Arizona has made you a priority. Do you feel that way?

Waleed: Yes, yes definitely. They’ve let me know, they’ve talked to me, that I’m one of the number one receivers that they’re recruiting in this class. I’m definitely feeling the love.

Moving to spring, have you guys (Casteel High) had your spring game yet? How do you feel you’ve done this spring? What do you feel you’ve improved on?

Waleed: Yes. And definitely routes and things like that, that’s the main thing. Then softening my hands. Doing the little things, getting those together, working with my coach. Coach (Bobby) Newcombe, he’s one of the best receiver coaches that I’ve ever worked with. He gets me right and helps me out with a lot of things.

Waleed will undoubtedly see his recruiting take off as he takes to the camp circuit and goes into his senior season. Arizona is in a great spot in his recruitment and continues to make him a priority. As of now, Cal and Oregon seem to be the biggest competition for the ‘Cats for his services.

Waleed visited the UA in early June and, as mentioned, will be on campus multiple times throughout the summer and into the season. His continued relationship with wide receivers coach Taylor Mazzone, and even head coach Kevin Sumlin, will be a major factor in his recruitment moving forward.

Waleed wasn’t able to play in every game last season, appearing in 9 of 14 games. But with a full season for the Colts, he’ll really be able to showcase his talent. Expect him to be an extremely productive receiver as a senior, especially with the work that he has put in this offseason so far.