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Q&A with Arizona cornerback commit Logan Wilson

Get to know Arizona’s first 2019 commit

Logan Wilson during Bishop Dunne’s spring practice
Photo via Logan Wilson

The Arizona Wildcats landed their first commitment of 2019 back in mid-April when three-star Dallas-based cornerback Logan Wilson gave the ‘Cats his pledge.

Since then, the Wildcats have added two more in Michael Wiley and Kyle Ostendorp.

We recently caught up with Wilson to see how his spring has gone and lots more.

AZ Desert Swarm: How was your spring and spring game?

Logan Wilson: It was good, it was good. I had 10 picks overall through spring so that’s good.

Did the offense or defense win the game?

Wilson: (Laughs) The O won the game man! The O won the game! I couldn’t stop it!

What do you feel you improved and got better at during the spring?

Wilson: I think I just became a better overall player. I think I got a little faster, a little quicker. I hit harder. I feel like I hit harder than I used to.

One thing we really love about your game is that when the ball is in the air, you are able to dissect that play real quick and make a play.

Wilson: That’s what I’m best at. I just see the ball and I’m just built to go make the play for it!

How is the relationship with Arizona’s coaches coming along?

Wilson: It’s going great! Actually Coach Meat (Demetrice Martin) came to my practice two weeks ago.

Who are you recruiting to come and join you down in Tucson?

Wilson: I’m trying to get Grant Gunnell. Trying to recruit to the Zoo! I’m trying to get some receivers. I’m trying to get both Jalen Curry and Elijah Higgins. Hold on because I’m working my magic!

Are you planning on taking another trip down to Tucson anytime soon?

Wilson: Oh yeah! I’m setting up my official. I’m trying to see when our bye week is and I’m trying to see what a good game to visit is. My cousin Dayven (Coleman), he goes there next Sunday. But he’s trying to get me to go to a big game, so we can see what’s up. That man is a monster. I don’t know what he is doing, but he hits hard.

But he (Coleman) wants me to go to the USC game. But I think I’m going to go there first for a game on an unofficial. On my official, my mom and my stepdad will come. We are just trying to figure out when because we (Bishop Dunne) actually have two bye weeks this year.

As mentioned above Wilson is built to make plays on the ball. We mentioned how we think he is an underrated cover corner, but he is okay with that. Arizona saw his potential and believed in him and that’s good enough for him.

Besides his instincts, another aspect that can’t be overlooked is that he is a hitter. And for his size he likes to punish the receiver. That kind of aggressiveness mixed with situational awareness makes Wilson a dangerous corner.

Wilson has been very active in recruiting players to Arizona. Whether it’s been on social media or behind the scenes, he’s trying to bring playmakers with him to Tucson.

As for his official visit, Wilson is eyeing to possibly visit during the Territorial Cup. However, he isn’t sure if that’ll be the confirmed date for his visit.

Below are his junior highlights and spring camp highlights.