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What Grant Gunnell’s commitment means for Arizona

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Photo via @grantgunnell7 via Twitter | Edit by Andy Jackson

On Wednesday, the Arizona Wildcats landed a huge piece to their 2019 class when Houston-based 4-star quarterback Grant Gunnell announced his commitment.

However, this won’t be the last time we hear Gunnell affecting Arizona’s 2019 recruiting cycle.

Gunnell is a well connected player in Texas (and elsewhere) and is respected among players and coaches alike. There is no doubt his commitment will open a few doors in the Lone Star State and cause a ripple effect.

Arizona’s newest member will be looking to help UA’s staff secure the commitments of multiple playmakers from his 7-v-7 team and his own high school, St. Pius X.

Players like as McKade Mettauer, Jalen Curry, Chase Lane, Jaylen Ellis, and Elijah Higgins are all prospects that Gunnell will attempt to lead to the desert.

Mettauer and Ellis seem the most likely to follow. Mettauer is one of Gunnell’s offensive linemen at St. Pius X, and the ‘Cats have been recruiting him for some time. Mettauer has also taken a visit to Tucson, and right now we are comfortable saying that UA is the leader for the three-star prospect.

Ellis, a three-star receiver, has been a longtime Baylor commit, but he has become a hot commodity this offseason. Arizona, and now Gunnell, have been working on him for some time now and it is very likely he will take an official visit to the UA. If that happens, it’s hard to see him staying committed to the Bears. It is also noteworthy that Ellis was one of the first people to congratulate Gunnell on his decision, to which Gunnell replied “Hey roommate.”

Curry, a four-star receiver, is a little less likely to follow Gunnell’s lead, but I wouldn’t count Arizona out here. He is one of Gunnell’s receivers at SPX and I would expect him to take a very close look at the ‘Cats.

Higgins, another four-star receiver, is also unlikely to commit to the UA, but he is on Gunnell’s 7-v-7 team and they are friends. Higgins has expressed interest in Arizona in the past so there is some intrigue there. A lot of the buzz surrounding his recruitment is that he is going to Stanford. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.

Finally we come to Lane. The three-star receiver has been committed to Texas A&M for over a year and does not seem to be wavering. He is another receiver one of Gunnell’s receivers at SPX and the two have built a nice bond. He is someone I can see taking a look into the ‘Cats, but I’m not sure it will result in much.

Bottomline is that Gunnell’s decision should open doors for Arizona, especially in Texas. UA beat out major programs for Gunnell’s services, and recruits notice. I would also expect more high level receivers, not just the ones mentioned above, to take a serious look at Arizona.

Of note Logan Wilson, Arizona’s 3-star cornerback commit, will be joining Gunnell in recruiting players to Tucson. He aggressively recruited Gunnell and there are multiple receivers, along with other high level players, that he is working on as well.

Arizona’s future at QB is brighter than ever

With Gunnell in the fold and the additions of Kevin Doyle and Jamarye Joiner in the 2018 recruiting cycle, Arizona is ready for life after Khalil Tate.

Gunnell may have to redshirt his first year while Tate finishes out his senior season or Doyle/Joiner lead the team, but Arizona hasn’t had a quarterback group like this since .... ever?

Having that kind of talent at such an important position will have a massive, positive impact on the program. UA should be able to ride this momentum and land more high-level QBs, which in turn, will lead to more high end receivers wanting to play in Tucson.