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Arizona football recruiting: Q&A with 3-star athlete Chris Roland

Arizona is sitting well with the versatile prospect

Arizona v BYU Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As the dog days of summer grind on, things will start to become clearer for the Arizona Wildcats on the recruiting trail. Multiple prospects trim their lists or announce their commitments.

This allows the ‘Cats to start focusing on certain prospects more than others, and one prospect has garnered a lot of attention from UA. That’s Chris Roland, a three-star athlete from William Knight High School in Palmdale, California.

Here’s our Q&A with him along with some more background info and his tape.

AZ Desert Swarm: How many offers are you up to and from whom?

Chris Roland: I have five. (They are from) New Mexico, San Jose State, Nevada, Wyoming, and Arizona.

Out of those four schools who is recruiting you the hardest?

Roland: I can say they are all recruiting me evenly.

Who is standing out the most to you?

Roland: I’d say Nevada, and Arizona is too.

You mention Nevada and Arizona are standing out, what position are they looking to bring you in as?

Roland: They both want me at corner.

I know Coach Meat (Demetrice Martin) is leading your recruitment out at Arizona. How is your relationship with him?

Roland: It’s good. I talk with him about every couple of days or so. We have a real cool relationship.

What does he like about your game and what you can bring to Tucson if you chose Arizona?

Roland: My ball skills, my instincts, and my length. And I’d say my ability to make plays.

Have you taken any visits to any of the schools that have offered you? Are you looking to take any visits?

Roland: I haven't taken any yet. I want to visit Nevada, but we haven’t gotten that all set up yet.

Are you looking at attending any camps this summer?

Roland: I’m still trying to figure that out. There are a lot that I have to hit.

Moving on to your offseason, how did your spring go for you? What aspects of your game did you work on?

Roland: It was great. I just worked on my game. I worked on my technique at the DB position. Just to put myself into position to make plays.

When looking at college, does it matter what side of the ball you play on? Are you good with playing just offense or defense?

Roland: It really doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. As long as I can get on to the field and make plays.

What are you looking at as a major in college?

Roland: Communications or business, I haven’t decided yet. But that’s what I’m looking at.

When deciding on a school, what attributes are you looking for?

Roland: Just a place that feels like home. A place where I feel appreciated.

Roland isn’t the flashiest player, but he has a great skillset. He is incredibly athletic, which allows him to make plays on both sides of the ball.

I like him as a receiver but the more I watch his film, the more I like him as a DB too. As a receiver he appears more comfortable, but you can tell his comfort level is rising on defense. He has great hands and quick-twitch reaction that allows him to make plays on the ball.

He participated during the USC Rising Stars camp in early June and came away with an offer from Wyoming. Because of the high school he attends, I believe he is a little underrated and under-the-radar. Arizona has done well here and it wouldn’t be too farfetched to say that the ‘Cats lead.

As a junior, Roland played nine games and had 31 tackles, one tackle for loss, five interceptions, and two fumble recoveries. He also had 42 catches for 611 yards and 10 touchdowns on offense.

Below are his junior highlights: