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Arizona softball: Jessie Harper’s grand slam vs. UCLA shatters windshield of nearby car

It’s the second time Harper has shattered something

When you hit softballs as hard as Arizona first baseman Jessie Harper does, serious damage can be done — and not just to the stat lines of opposing pitchers.

In March, a line drive off Harper’s bat shattered a Pac-12 Network camera. On Sunday, a ball off Harper’s bat destroyed something else — a car.

In Arizona’s 7-2 road win over UCLA, Harper launched a grand slam to left field which landed directly on a parked car, shattering the windshield:

Harper has 19 home runs this season and the freshman’s destructive grand slam helped the Wildcats clinch their first Pac-12 championship since 2007.

It was a good day for Harper and Arizona softball. It was not a good day for the owner of that car, however.

It’s unclear if the damage is covered by insurance, but it is clear that you shouldn’t leave glass objects near the field of play when Harper steps in the batter’s box.

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