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What they’re saying about Arizona softball returning to the Women’s College World Series

The Wildcats have made their first Women’s College World Series since 2010. What’s the word on social media?

Eight Women’s College World Series were held without the Arizona Wildcats. The eight-year drought matched the eight titles the storied program has won.

Fans, alumnae, media, and the softball community have responded. What’s everyone saying?

Softball alumnae who have been there

  • Tucson native and former Arizona pitcher Kenzie Fowler Quinn was on the 2010 team that made the Wildcats’ last trip to Oklahoma City.
  • Wildcat legend Jennie Finch had something to say, too.
  • Leah O’Brien-Amico brought an Olympic feel to the party.
  • Toni Mascarenas, former Wildcat and aunt of Alyssa Palomino-Cardoza, has something to say about those butterflies, eyeblack, and getting Candrea back to Oklahoma City.

Softball alumnae who experienced the heartbreak of the drought

  • Danielle O’Toole was on the last team that hosted a Super Regional. She watched some of her former teammates complete the journey they couldn’t quite get done in 2017.
  • Arizona’s current career home-run queen watches as current Wildcat Jessie Harper makes a run at her record.

Other great Wildcats

  • You have to be tough to play football, too, I guess.

Great plays

  • Harper gets the Wildcats back into the dugout in the bottom of the sixth inning.

The fans

  • A young pitcher who deals with the same challenges as the Arizona ace gets a picture with her hero.

The softball community

  • Alyssa Denham spent her first year at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette before her coach was fired. His admiration for her game hasn’t waned, though. He reached out with congratulations for Denham and her current coach.
  • Cindy Bristow, the pitching coach at UC-Riverside, weighs in on the importance of having Arizona in the Women’s College World Series.
  • UCLA softball alum Jen Schroeder is excited for her former opponent.

The media

  • As soon as the game was over, the Wildcats ran to the outfield to change the sign on the outfield wall.
  • Did the Wildcats complete a unique feat on their way to the postseason?
  • ESPN’s Michele Smith is impressed by the effect pitching coach Taryne Mowatt has had on two different pitching staffs.

Current and former members of the UA Athletic Department

  • Former Arizona women’s basketball coach Joan Bonvicini got to watch Adia Barnes have a spectacular year turning around the Wildcats on the hardwood just a few months ago. On Saturday, she got prime seats to watch softball clinch their WCWS berth.
  • Cheering in the press box? How can you blame Arizona’s communications staff, especially Danny Martinez, who is there every day with the team?

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