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A look at Arizona softball’s 2021 roster after 5 transfers

Photo by Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Once Arizona softball’s six seniors were granted an extra year of eligibility, and then opted to take it, it created an inevitable roster shuffle for the Wildcats.

“When the vote went through, and it was favorable, then you started to think about all the other ramifications that it brought,” head coach Mike Candrea said. “I can’t tell you how much time each day I spend looking at roster, looking at sizes, looking at, ‘God, we don’t even have enough lockers in our locker room for a group of 27 athletes.’ We’re not used to that in softball. We’re used to 18 to 21 kids.”

Rather quickly, Arizona has whittled its roster to a more manageable 23 players (including Dejah Mulipola) after a slew of transfers. Juniors Ivy Davis, Carli Campbell, Jenna Kean and sophomores Vanessa Foreman and Marissa Schuld recently entered the portal, and more player movement could be coming if the Wildcats hope to reenter that 18 to 21 range.

In the meantime, here is how their roster stands by class, along with a possible depth chart.

Seniors (7)

  • Jessie Harper, SS
  • Reyna Carranco, 2B
  • Mariah Lopez, RHP
  • Alyssa Denham, RHP
  • Malia Martinez, 3B
  • Alyssa Palomino-Cardoza, OF
  • Dejah Mulipola, C*

*could miss 2021 season due to commitment with Team USA

Juniors (2)

  • Hanah Bowen, P/UT
  • Peanut Martinez, OF

Sophomores (2)

  • Izzy Pacho, C
  • Riley Kuderca, OF

Freshmen (12)

  • Bella Dayton, OF
  • Alayna Hicks, INF
  • Janelle Meono, OF
  • Sharlize Palacios, C
  • Aris Carroll, INF*
  • Sophia Carroll, INF*
  • Carlie Scupin, 1B*
  • Jessie Fontes, RHP*
  • Devyn Netz, RHP/UT*
  • Jasmine Perezchica, OF*
  • Allie Skaggs, UT*
  • Giulia Koutsoyanopulos, UT*

* incoming recruits

A way-too-early depth chart

  • C: Sharlize Palacios/Izzy Pacho
  • 1B: Carlie Scupin/Giulia Koutsoyanopulos
  • 2B: Reyna Carranco/Alayna Hicks
  • 3B: Malia Martinez/Aris Carroll
  • SS: Jessie Harper/Allie Skaggs/Sophia Carroll
  • LF: Peanut Martinez/Jasmine Perezchica
  • CF: Alyssa Palomino-Cardoza/Janelle Meono
  • RF: Bella Dayton/Riley Kuderca
  • DP/P: Hanah Bowen/Devyn Netz
  • P: Mariah Lopez/Alyssa Denham/Jessie Fontes