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Report: Four Arizona softball players in the transfer portal

report-four-arizona-softball-players-in-the-portal Photo by Simon Asher / Arizona Athletics

D1 Softball has reported that four Arizona softball players are in the transfer portal. Unconfirmed reports indicate that a fifth may also be on the move, but that player had not yet been listed by D1 as of June 9.

The site’s transfer tracker list sophomore utility player Giulia Koutsoyanopulos, freshman outfielder Allie Enright, freshman infielder Amber Toven, and sophomore pitcher Jessie Fontes as Wildcats who are looking for a new landing spot. Both Koutsoyanopulos and Fontes have removed references to Arizona from their social media bios.

Of the four, Koutsoyanopulos played the most for Arizona, entering the game primarily as a defensive replacement at first base and getting a few spot starts in the outfield when Janelle Meoño was injured. Fontes pitched 27.2 innings for the Wildcats with a 3.04 ERA. Toven appeared 47 times, including getting seven starts at shortstop when Sophia Carroll was out with a concussion. She hit .286 in 14 at-bats but played mostly as a pinch runner. Enright’s 26 appearances all came as a pinch runner.

With the four players leaving Tucson, Arizona currently has 11 players returning. If the reports of the fifth player opting to transfer are substantiated, it would cut that number to 10. The Wildcats have five freshmen coming in next year, so they will need to make good use of the transfer portal to shore up the roster.

UPDATE: Extra Inning Softball lists the fifth player. She is freshman pitcher Madi Elish. Elish was Arizona’s number three pitcher this season, but she did not appear in the postseason. She pitched 77.1 innings with a 4.34 ERA. She made 31 appearances with seven starts.