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Arizona softball players react after the latest transfer news

arizona-softball-players-react-latest-transfer-news-skaggs-pacho-dimler-palacios-meono Photo by Ryan Kelapire

Throughout the season, Arizona softball head coach Caitlin Lowe talked about how she would choose her players every time. She also felt that to be successful, they needed to choose and trust each other. After the latest news that Sharlize Palacios and Janelle Meoño plan to transfer, several Wildcats are reiterating that they choose each other and their coaches.

The reaction has been unique. When the group of five players entered their names into the portal just after the season ended, there was no public comment made by the remaining Wildcats. It appeared to be just the “new normal” for college sports and something that was expected. Last week’s news seems to have provoked a response from some of the remaining Wildcats, although none of them directly mentioned the two players or their transfers.

The first two players to publicly state their support and dedication to the program were not a surprise. Izzy Pacho has been credited as a leader even before she finally got the chance to have a breakout this past season. Her work on the field and in the batter’s box earned her First Team All-West Region honors.

Pacho and All-American Allie Skaggs were two of the players who were there to publicly represent the team when things were going well and, more importantly, when they weren’t. Both took to Twitter shortly after the reports came out about the transfers.

“So proud to be a Wildcat,” Skaggs wrote. “Ready to go to war with and for all of you these next two years. See y’all soon at Rita!”

On the same day, Pacho posted, “Proud. Committed. Ready to go. Can’t wait to go to war with this group! #BTFD”

It’s not just the rising upperclassmen who are making it known that they are committed to each other and their coaching staff, though. On Sunday, outfielder Paige Dimler, who worked herself into a starting position as a freshman and was Third Team All-West Region as a result, echoed the words of her coach.

“I choose us,” Dimler wrote in a post that garnered likes and retweets from current and future teammates, coaches, and staff members.