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2023 pitcher Aissa Silva graduates early, joins Arizona softball for upcoming season

Incoming freshman pitcher Aissa Silva during her officiel visit to Arizona
Photo courtesy of Aissa Silva

At the end of last season, pitching was a concern for Arizona. The team had struggled all season in the circle before turning it around in the postseason. But the only pitcher who returned was Devyn Netz. The concern persisted when the Wildcats didn’t get any of the big names in the transfer portal, but the situation just improved with the announcement that left-hander Aissa Silva has graduated from high school early and will join the Wildcats for the upcoming season.

Silva signed with Arizona in November, but she was not due on campus until the fall of 2023. She will give the Wildcats two talented freshmen in the circle this spring, joining current freshman Sydney Somerndike. That gives Arizona five pitchers with the two freshmen, Netz, and transfers Ali Blanchard and Brianna Hardy.

Silva is ranked No. 6 overall by Extra Inning Softball. She was formerly ranked as the No. 8 pitcher but is now ranked No. 2 among pitchers who also play another position. In her case, it is first base.

Because of the method EIS uses in its overall rankings, there are ties. It also does not account for these ties in its numbering system. Silva is tied for No. 6 with another incoming Arizona pitcher, Ryan Maddox. However, in a more traditional ranking system, they would be tied for ninth.