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Tucson Restaurant Tournament: The play-in game

We need to figure out the 64th entry into the field

Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

We are set to begin the Tucson Restaurant Tournament on June 1st, but there's one small detail left to be decided.

After receiving over 350 different restaurant suggestions from our readers, 63 teams have locked themselves into the field.

But there's a logjam for that 64th spot.

The following restaurants tied in the original voting:

  • 47 Scott
  • B Line
  • BJ's
  • Casa Molina
  • Diablo Burger
  • East Coast Subs
  • Grimaldi's
  • Micha's
  • Old Chicago
  • Pats Chili Dogs
  • Ra
  • Sher-E-punjab
  • Sullivan's
  • Taco Shop
  • Time Market
  • Wings Over Broadway

So we are asking you to vote on who will be the 64th team in the field, and go up against one of the mighty one-seeds (which will be announced this weekend).

Whoever has the most votes at 11:55 PM Friday night will get in, so vote, vote vote!