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Tucson Restaurant Tournament: (1) El Charro vs. (16) Vero Amore

The very first matchup of the Restaurant Tourney!

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El Charro vs. Vero Amore Jason Bartel

In a first round matchup in the Catalinas Region, one-seed El Charro will open the tournament with 16-seed Vero Amore.

RESULTS: El Charro advances with 69% of the overall vote

Tale of the Tape:

(1) El Charro

El Charro

Neighborhood: Downtown (also Oro Valley and Ventana)


Cuisine: Mexican

Yelp rating: 3.5 stars

Entertaining Yelp review: "The chicken is well marinated so the taste is deep in the chicken and the meat isn't hard or dry, unlike chicken when not marinated enough."

(16) Vero Amore

Vero Amore

Neighborhood: Old Fort Lowell (also Dove Mountain)


Cuisine: Pizza, Italian

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Entertaining Yelp review: "Our waitress, who was also the bartender, has a very loud, bellowing voice that can drown out a concert. When not taking our order, she would laugh, talk and carry on with her bar customers, often yelling from one end of the bar to the other. Every head in the restaurant turned and looked at her whenever she bellowed. I could not hear my partner across the table, but I could hear that waitress."