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Tucson Restaurant Tournament: (1) Smashburger vs. (16) Texas Roadhouse

A couple of chains looking to move on in the bracket.

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Jason Bartel

We now head to the Tortolitas Region, and our controversial one-seed Smashburger takes on 16-seed Texas Roadhouse.

Be sure to vote in the poll at the bottom. You can also vote by tweeting the restaurant name with the hashtag #TRT.

Tale of the Tape

(1) Smashburger

smashburger Jason Bartel

Neighborhood: Four locations (22nd and Kolb pictured)


Cuisine: Burgers

Yelp rating: 3 stars

Entertaining Yelp review:  "So my odd complaint is the ketchup was just horrible. I don't know if they are buying low end and tossing their label on it but just a bad aftertaste. I am the guy who puts ketchup on his ketchup so I use a lot of it. Spend the extra few pennies on a brand name is my suggestion."

(16) Texas Roadhouse

texas roadhouse Jason Bartel

Neighborhood: Three locations (Broadway and Wilmot pictured)


Cuisine: Steakhouse, Barbeque

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Entertaining Yelp review: "I need to apologize to Tammy my waitress, I was quit rude when I first came in. So I'm sorry it is unacceptable cause you did nothing wrong. You service was great. The food was actually good this time. The steak was cooked correctly, no onions when asked for mushrooms. Thank you again and I apologize for being rude."